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What to play with a one-year-old child?

What to play with a one-year-old child?

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When the toddler begins to walk firmly on the ground, the nooks and crannies of the rooms in which he is supposed to be staying, he begins to tempt him and extremely interest him. Because the ingenuity of our children can amaze even the most experienced parents, it is worth organizing the time spent with their children so as to provide her with many safe impressions.

We can fill our child with a mass of colorful, multi-functional toys that will sooner or later end up in the corner and retire prematurely. However, it is not the wealth of the wallet, but the ingenuity and commitment of parents that guarantee a nice time spent with the shoots.

From observing my child, I noticed that the less complicated and seemingly uninteresting things we use while playing, the more we will arouse interest in the baby. Below I will present you some reliable and engaging ways for the whole family to have fun.

Two hands theater

It is widely known that necessity is the mother of inventions. I was trying to tame my extremely busy baby during a routine diaper change. I honestly admit that scrolling from the day of filling is a growing challenge for me. My daughter chose the escape from the changing table as a point of honor and consistently tries to get away with me every time. Trying to take her attention, my rattling eyesight came across a long, colorful sock to which a rattling ladybug was sewn.

I quickly put on my sock and felt like a friendly insect. In the blink of an eye the idea of ​​a crazy escape went to the background and the daughter began to clap with joy with her hands. And so the idea of ​​doing was born home theater. My small copy eagerly participates in short scenes and chooses the best puppets for the role.

Ready socks with sewn animals you will get in Rossmann at a price of about PLN 12 per pair. But equally good you can create the heroes of your fairy tales yourself. Use ordinary socks for this, which will be a great base. By the way, you will refresh your technique lessons and sewing lessons. Buttons can be used for the eyes of the puppets, the hair is made of cut yarn. I suggest more resistant and lazy felt-tip pens with which you can decorate theater characters quickly and easily.

In creating such toys involve your child. If he makes his contribution, he is more likely to be respectful of the subject of his work. But remember, creating does not end with fun. When you think that your works have been successful, you should think about the repertoire of home theater.

You have two options either you trust your ingenuity and spontaneously play the imaginary scenes, or use ready-made texts. It is important that they are not too long. Our viewers (and / or actors) are unable to stay in focus for a long time and completely engage in a given story. Let the inspiration be the timeless poems of Julian Tuwim or the lyrics of famous songs (Ducklings, Brush, paste, Soap, Strawberry Hare, Zuzia, small doll, etc.). Your children actively participating in the game will learn new words, practice sticks, learn to cooperate in a group, and above all, they spend a great time with you.

Who's afraid of your shadow?

An alternative to traditional theater is the fun you need only own hands and walls and light. You can't imagine how much joy it can give a child guessing and showing different shapes. Children learn by imitation. Let's show them how to make a rabbit that escapes from a hawk. Let's notice how the baby reacts to the sight of a huge spider or a curling snake. Let's not forget about the characteristic sounds of the animal that it makes. This fun not only stimulates the imagination, but also teaches creativity, and above all makes our branch aware that fear has big eyes, and objects that cast disturbing shadows are not really able to hurt the child.

Take the paper train

When the rain makes it impossible for us to walk together, at first glance it may seem that all bicycle and ride-on vehicles with a pram at the forefront must wait out adverse weather, and a house or apartment limits our sporting possibilities. Nothing could be more wrong. Using cardboard, scissors and a rope, we can create a unique vehicle and for a moment feel like Kubica or a crazy driver.

I once mentioned that I use the Babydream diaper box to store my daughter's toys. By accident I noticed that it became the object of interest for my resolute child. During the daily cleaning of her daughter decided to hide and took the object she hid. When we discovered that it could also be used as a vehicle, we organized a room rally. Joyful laughter lured other family members into the living room, including daddy, who suggested that our cardboard car be converted into a locomotive. Therefore, I attached black wheels cut out of stiff paper, and in the front of our means of transport I made a hole through which I break the line. Since then, it was not necessary to push the small vehicle, which greatly facilitated its driving. After finishing the game, the cardboard box returned to its original role as a storage room for blocks, balls, mascots and other much-needed children's toys.

I found such a cardboard vehicle on an extremely interesting ecological blog: //

In addition to the huge dose of good humor and a bit of movement, I instilled in my child the awareness of the multiple use of things. Here is my one-year-old daughter learned about the existence of recycling that she will have to deal with several times during her childhood.

Spell memories

I remembered a story that happened several years ago. My sister had a huge aquarium with interesting, colorful specimens floating in it. This water world enclosed in a cuboid without a roof was her pride and true pride. One summer day I decided to blow soap bubbles in the wind. My older sister's son was at the stage of imitating all my activities. Delighted with the volatile balls that glowed with the colors of the rainbow and burst when he touched the spikes of roses growing in the garden, he told his mother that he also wanted to do something by himself. Some of you remember that the basis for successful bubbles was Ludwik dishwashing liquid and a straw cut at the tip. After playing, my nephew did not know what to do with the liquid remaining in the cup. Instead of just pouring its contents into the sink, he used my sister's fish for it. You can imagine how quickly the pump in the aquarium contributed to the formation of huge foam. How many floating lives could be saved not to mention the will. Contrary to appearances, it is still a painful (for my sister) memory.

Now, fortunately, I am not in danger of such a disaster, and my child loves to catch colorful bubbles. And I have no remorse over the flooded carpet. We have long moved from the bathroom to the living room, where we have more space and freedom. The falling bubble can be spoiled during its flight, you can also admire the holidays of colors that dissolve in it like gasoline spilled in a puddle and wait patiently until the bubble bursts itself or deliberately crush it with your foot. My daughter prefers this last step.

We do not need to appropriate the greatest joy, which is not to destroy but to create ephemeral works of art. It is worth proposing to the toddler to try to blow and bring a few bubbles to life for himself. We need very few things for this game. First of all, let's get the right equipment. At home, it can be a cup, a straw and a liquid. We might as well buy in a toy store or at the nearest outlet, which offers products in the style of "5 zlotys" containers with ready liquid and a stick with a circle through which you need to blow. An older child will be interested in more complex devices for making bubbles in the form of a sword, horn, saxophone, gun. During parties organized for our branches, the generators, hoops, lassas and strings that make huge, breathtaking soap balloons will make a real sensation.

Once we choose the way we will create bubbles let's think about the fluid that is their pillar. The easiest way to get it is by dissolving dishwashing liquid, shower gel or shampoo in water. The alternative is ready-made substances that we can order online. Thanks to them we will get not only beautiful, delightful colors but also the smell of the bubble. To get more durable specimens that will delight our eyes for longer, it's worth adding glycerin or powdered sugar to the liquid. We will get an interesting effect using distilled water.
Our fantasy depends on what we use to diversify the old and extremely popular bubble blowing game.

Play with me

These few proven ways in our family are just the seeds of play that allow you to diversify the time that we spend with our child not only at home. Sometimes the best ideas come quite unexpectedly, thus giving us a lot of joy if they find application and give pleasure not only to us but also to our children. Not only branded items bearing the required certificates can diversify moments with a child and, at the same time, turn fun into learning.