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18 months old baby - defiance and independence

18 months old baby - defiance and independence

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Your child is one and a half years old and reaches the next stage of development. It is halfway up to two years.

This is a breakthrough moment which, according to psychologists, should be celebrated much more lavishly than the first birthday. At 18 months of age, there are spectacular developmental changes. Your sweet infant, not so long ago, is becoming much more mature, aware of his emotions and desires and ready for what he will do in the near future.

Its main feature is impatience. I want to receive everything NOW! Immediately!

How is a one and a half year old child growing?

The child imitates adults - a 1.5-year-old girl with "torn" glasses. :)

An average child will grow up from 12 months to 24 years from 7.6 cm to 12.7 cm. Usually his weight increases during this time from 1.4 kg to 2.3 kg. The head circumference increases by 2.5 cm.

Although the head is still large in relation to the whole body, the toddler is already losing baby proportions. It begins to look like a "little boy" or "little girl".

I am what I am

Most children 18 months are already developed sense of separateness.

He knows that he is not a piece of mum or dad, but someone completely different. Therefore, in difficult moments for yourself, most often she keeps close ones, hiding behind the proverbial mamin skirt, is also afraid of strangers or is distant from them.

The child devotes more and more attention to "Pretending" and imitation. That is why with such passion he "kidnaps" the objects of adults and older children and plays with them. Loudly protesting when someone wants to take them. Toys intended for toddlers usually come to the background.

One and a half year old child knows how to get attention. It gets irritated quickly, that's why it has tantrums.

He uses the pencil easily, scribbling over the page. He also tries to take off individual items of clothing himself and does so at the least expected moment.

Every month a toddler a little less eating. Typical baby appetite is a thing of the past. But don't let meals become a battlefield. Give your child healthy, balanced meals, be positive and patient. Nothing by force.


An average child, one and a half years old, can pronounce five to twenty simple words, however, differences between individual children can be significant. At this stage, some babies introduce others with their rich vocabulary, others stubbornly remain silent. In practice, the latter usually chase their peers, making good progress in the following months.

All children easily indicate with their finger what they want, signal with facial expressions and gestures what they want at the moment.

Remember that every child grows and acquires skills at their own pace.

It is worth remembering that the average toddler at this stage understands 10 times more than he can express in words. Therefore, pay attention to what you say and how.


The child also has better and better memory. Is able to remember what happened 24-36 hours earlier.

Shorter naps

One and a half year old child often gives up a daytime nap or sleeps very short, e.g. half an hour. During the day, however, it still needs around 13-14 hours of rest. Still, you can see that the child will rebel before going to bed, he will reluctantly lie down to rest.

remember about routine and consistency. Over time, the rebellion will pass.

I don't want restrictions!

The child protests against all kinds of restrictions - a stroller, a feeding chair, a car seat.

Sofas, sofas, chairs, cabinets, which you can climb and sit on, are more interesting for him.

How to react when a child overcomes obstacles to get as high as possible? You can try to distract the toddler, but it's best to remain calm and give the toddler good example, showing how to behave. In addition, whenever possible, let us give him the opportunity to actively play and overcome obstacles in the playground and in amusement parks.


Are you asking for a year and a half to come to you? He will probably start running in the other direction. At this age, perversity is something very natural.

Ready to use the potty

Many children are ready to use the potty at the stage of a year and a half. Physically, he can control the sphincters. The psychological readiness to say goodbye to the diaper remains an open question.

When can a child be ready to learn to use the potty?

  • if he has a dry diaper for a long time,
  • understands the differences between "dry" and "wet",
  • indicates the need for defecation - even from time to time,
  • can slip and put on shorts
  • indicates when the diaper is full and needs to be changed.


One and a half year old children do not interact with other children, but play in parallel, for example, imitating other children. It is only around the third birthday that fun takes on more complex forms.

Unfortunately, at this stage, beating, biting, pushing while playing are also natural. The parent's role is to react and not allow such behavior.

When do you have to go to the doctor?

If an 18-month-old child:

  • does not indicate things
  • it does not work,
  • does not make eye contact,
  • says nothing
  • you get the impression that it is going backwards or has stopped.

In addition, it's worth knowing that young children are usually sick more often than adults. They may have up to several infections during the flu season. Usually, the symptoms are classic for colds and respiratory diseases. Many infections at this age come one after the other.