Is the child whining? Be sure to give it a spell! Try these methods!

Is the child whining? Be sure to give it a spell! Try these methods!

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Is the child crying, is it whiny? He doesn't know what he wants? Is "so demanding and let's be honest - exhausting"?

It's definitely a charm - would say our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, pouring a whole bunch of solutions from the sleeve.

See for yourself what you can do about it:

1) A red bow attached to the stroller - just so that others delight in the little ones, do not cast a spell. Do you think that strangers wish you badly?

No, they don't have to do it maliciously. They can be the source of the problem quite unknowingly. Babbling over the baby - "oh how cute she is", "how cute he is" - they harm the baby. Worse if they say not what they think. If they want to be nice, they don't convey their thoughts, i.e. they lie ... urok ready!

The red ribbon reflects the charm, apparently ... directly at the person casting it.

Why tempt fate? It's better to hang it just in case. It's just a red bow, a piece of cloth. It won't hurt, right?

2) Is the baby not sleeping peacefully? He wakes up and cries, even though theoretically he is fine - is he full, dressed up, hugged?

It will work washing the forehead with bread crumbsand then wiping them with the left side of the skirt.

Mom, do you wear pants every day? Make an exception! To undo the charm, you must follow the instructions. If you have better sleep then it's worth a try?

3) Is the toddler moody?

And there is a way - we apply a small amount of saliva to the finger and wash the baby's eyes. And then we spit on four sides of the world. Mother, can't you spit? Hire father! Let him help you!

4) Are you sure that this bad neighbor, jealous "bitch" cast a spell on your beloved toddler?

So listen ... take a piece of material close to the body, then spit on it and draw a cross mark on the baby's forehead, thinking intensely to remove the cast charm.

There are also methods using all-day linen, eggs, bowls of water, wax ...

What are the facts?

As many as 58% of Poles believe in superstition. The power of spells, divination and charms is even stronger among women. They believe in them, apparently two women out of three.

It is still the strongest among young parents belief in the power of red bows. Already in the Middle Ages, parents put red threads on the hands of newborns, believing that in this way they would save the child from sudden death.

The question is: how much donning red bows is believing in gulli today, and how much tradition - like donning red panties for a prom and blue garters for a wedding?

What do you think about it?

Did you put a red ribbon on your cart? Do you believe in her power?