GMO legalized in Poland

GMO legalized in Poland

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On Friday, the votes on legalization of GMO food in Poland were voted by the PO-PSL coalition. 231 people voted for her. In this way, consent to the use of genetic modifications was introduced, in a way, through the back door, quietly, masterfully planning and shooting in the nose of many environments that protested loudly against GMOs.

The Act, which was introduced as an amendment, is really a new act that allows the production of feed and organisms from GMOs. Key statutory definitions have been changed. Earlier, you could get a fine, fine or even a prison sentence of up to 12 years for growing GMOs, now there is no risk.

The date when the law is introduced is not surprising, when public opinion is focused on ... elections. No one consulted publicly about the changes in the Act.

The problem with genetically modified food is complex ... Because, as is said louder and louder, many of the foods we eat today are genetically modified. For example, wheat associated with Poland - in no way resembles the grain that our ancestors cultivated. Ears have been processed by scientists in such a way that they can give more grains, their composition has also changed, which, according to many scientists, has a direct impact on the increased occurrence of food intolerances - celiac disease and food allergies.

Unfortunately, also corn, soybeans and many other products, including primarily animal feed is modified. Poland is not a lonely island in this respect, the trend is visible all over the world ...

Today, GMO food has its supporters and opponents. The latter want to be safe and stress that genetically modified food can have a very adverse effect on our health, all the more so as some sources indicate that genetically modified food can cause cancer and lead to a change in internal organs. The topic still causes a lot of emotions and raises a lot of controversy.