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How to raise a happy child?

How to raise a happy child?

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Most parents, regardless of age, education or beliefs, when asked - what you want for your child in the future corresponds to happiness. Meanwhile, the guides usually focus on something else.

We can easily find articles on how to raise a wise child, how to take care of his intelligence, how to stimulate his imagination, how to teach independence, responsibility ... etc.

So how to raise a happy child? Is it possible at all? And what is it about?

Nothing interests parents as much as their children's happiness, nothing absorbs their thoughts, absorbs them as much as whether the person they love will cope in the future. That is why nothing hurts like the suffering of a child ... However, all feelings are needed.

Why is it worth being happy?

If anyone needs tangible reasons to be happy, here they are:

  • happiness is very important in a world focused on efficiency,
  • happy people are usually more effective
  • happy people occupy on average more prestigious positions at work,
  • they earn more
  • are more satisfied with their relationship / marriage,
  • can give happiness to others.

How to raise a happy child?

Think about yourself

Strange advice?

Only at first glance. If we want to have happy children, we need to be selfish and take care of ourselves. It is not without reason that happy parents are said to have happy children. It's trivial, but how real. Taking care of ourselves, sometimes pampering ourselves, we give the child a simple signal that it is worth loving yourself and you must not ignore your needs. It is very harmful in the long run.

Numerous studies show that parent's depression has a destructive effect on the child.

Kids absorb all bad emotions like a sponge, and these negatively affect their health. That is why depression is so common today ... among children.

Otherwise depression in parents makes our actions as mom or dad cease to be effective. The child begins to cause educational problems, and this affects the condition of the whole family.

So what to do to be happy as a parent?

  • Don't forget that in addition to being a mother, you are also a woman, a friend.
  • Spend some time without children.
  • Go to the cinema with your husband or friends.
  • Go for one day, take a break, be quiet.
  • Do what you don't have time for every day.
  • Surround yourself with joyful people. Scientists have proven that the very sound that comes out when someone laughs causes that the neurons responsible for improving the mood are activated in our brains.

Get rid of guilt

If you want to raise a happy child, you can't blame yourself at all times and pay too much attention to parental failure.

It's difficult because we live in a world where parents are required to be perfect. At every step, it is repeated how much we have to do, how careful we are to say what we say. They warn us that our inappropriate gesture and behavior can negatively affect the child's whole life.


  • You must accept today that as a parent you make mistakes. There is no way to free yourself from them. Whatever you don't do, you won't be perfect.
  • Learn to forgive yourself, in this way you will show your toddler how to be forgiving.
  • Change your attitude and accept mistakes, looking at them as necessary lessons on the road to conscious, happy parenting.

Praise your effort, don't stick patches

Parents tend to stick patches "Leni, he is such a romper, he does not like to overwork", "Tomek is a little rascal, gets stuck and mischievous."

Unfortunately, such comments are repeated every day self-fulfilling prophecy.

Child believes what he hears. Especially if his parents say it.

Therefore, "lazy children" become even more lazy, and aggressive even more feisty.

Interestingly, toddlers prick up their ears especially when we talk not to them, but to other adults.

If we think they cannot hear when they are standing next to or "politely" having fun, we are simply wrong in the world. Note how they freeze, even for a second, when you say the name they know well ...

Psychologists have long said that it is also bad inappropriate praise. Instead of saying that the toddler is "so smart", which can simply make a child be afraid of risk of letting their parents down, praise for efforts, effort put into solving the puzzle.

More about praising children.


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