MiniMini PEG + CAT - competition

MiniMini PEG + CAT - competition

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Mathematics is the queen of sciences and the queen of mathematics is number theory.

It sounded serious, but the competition is the most light and pleasant, just like the series recently presented on MiniMini +. Watching him, the toddler learns to count, and at the same time has a great time. :)

PEG + KOT is an animation ideal for preschoolers, awarded and appreciated by children, parents and independent reviewers. That is why we devote the next competition organized on our website in cooperation with MiniMini + to this fairy tale.

Competition task

How to teach a child to count to ten? Do you have a proven way? Share with us! Send your answer to the [email protected] in the title "PEG + CAT" We will reward the most interesting answers. Don't forget to sign with your name! The competition runs from November 4 to November 16, 2014 until 24.00.


First prize - MiniMini + fish and the MiniMini + fish hits album

2nd prize - MiniMini + Fishies hit album

3rd prize - MiniMini + Fishies hit album

Prize in the competition

Prize in the competition

About the show

PEG + COTTON introduces children to the world of mathematics and shows that it is very interesting, quite easy and fun to learn!The world of mathematics can be fascinating! All preschoolers who know little Peg and her cat, whom everyone calls ... Cat, will find out. It's as logical as all mathematics! In each episode, Peg and her Cat experience adventures together, solve very "difficult" tasks and exciting puzzles, and learn math. It turns out that it is impossible to solve a VERY BIG PROBLEM without knowing the basics of mathematics. This is a valuable lesson for all kids who thanks to our heroes will love numbers!In 2014, the series received 3 Emmy Awards, including for the best animated program targeted at preschool children.We invite you to play! Detailed rules are available here. Share on Facebook