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A game of falling monkeys

A game of falling monkeys

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Whether the original or the "processed" version, however, almost identical, but much cheaper - the game of falling monkeys breaks popularity records. Sales in stationary stores, online and on auction platforms soars. Selected for preschoolers and adults, it provides simple and dynamic entertainment for everyone.

The game of falling monkeys is designed for two to four players. The rules are similar for chessmen. During the game, after rolling the dice, a stick of the color is drawn out, starting from the top. This should be done in such a way that the monkeys inside are present have not fallen (you can manipulate the sticks to some extent, but it mainly depends on the case). Monkeys, thanks to the fact that they get caught in chess pieces, do not fall down immediately. The game can roll out so that the entire game every time is different, and its result is not certain. The person who loses the least monkeys wins.


  • uncomplicated rules that can be learned quickly,
  • for the whole family,
  • easily available, available from various manufacturers in almost every store,
  • it lasts a few minutes, which allows you to play it quickly,
  • you can have fun without end,
  • teaches patience and focus,
  • durable, easy to carry,
  • light,
  • colorful game, interesting performance
  • good price (depending on version 25-50 zlotys).


  • monkeys are quite small, they are easy to get lost
  • for some it may be boring.

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