Are "sexy" children already pedophilia?

Are "sexy" children already pedophilia?

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Parents outraged, helpless police, FB administration in the heat of criticism. And all because of the new internet trolling method. What are we talking about? On the most popular social networking site boils. Parents made powerful and criticized profiles with the following names: "Sexiest people under one year old", "Sexiest 4-5-6 years old", "Sexiest newborns". Parental reactions unambiguous: promoting pedophilia.
What do the police say? Well, there is no reason to initiate any proceedings. The FB administration reacts in the same way - no alleged pedophile content.

Who is troll

An internet troll is a cynical and nasty being. He loves to wallow in the chaos he manages to unleash. The intelligent troll not only knows where to hit, but also how to hit. He does not use profanity (he disturbs ordinary Internet users, causing them to start celebrating themselves in an uncivilized way), threats, knows how not to ask themselves poverty. Add oil to the fire and wait. What is the purpose of a troll? Fame and publicity, naturally anonymously. The author of the famous "and where were the parents" will probably be proud of his achievement until the end of his life.

Where's the pedophilia?

In the name. Unless of course we consider that "sexy" in relation to a child is already pedophilia. The problem is, it's not enough to say so. Apart from the only word in the name, we won't find anything on the site that has any associations with pedophilia. Why? Because the troll is said to be clever. If he used the wrong photo or description, deleting the profile would be his least problem.
Pictures on the website are nice. They depict beautiful children. There is no nudity, indecent poses, or administrator comments that would suggest any connection to sex. Of course, the parent who still has that "sexy" in the title in his head, no longer sees the innocent photos, but only food for pedophiles. Comments that on every other profile sound innocent: "welcome another handsome man" or "do you like it?" Under the influence of the name change in our imagination into promiscuous, ambiguous and hideous. The parent begins to get nervous, his comments are getting sharper, eventually he completely gets lost in anger. Threats from uprooting genitals to killing in the most inhumane way, insults, curses. Troll is delighted! Here we have a popular profile with hundreds, if not thousands of shares. A profile on which it is clearly marked that he has NO PEDO-PROFILE CHARACTER. We have here a noble, though civilized administrator response, and a bucket of non-repeatable wash served by angry parents. And all because of the word "sexy", which is quite innocent for today's reality. Troll celebrates!

A pedophile lurks everywhere

No. There is no evidence that pedophilia is an infectious disease. Our children have the same chances of meeting a pedophile as we did when we returned SAM at their age. The availability of information and the media, who like nasty things, give the impression that a pedophile lurks behind every bush. We live in fear and react panically. Trynkiewicz's recent (fortunately short) exit, from which TV stations and tabloids have made a profitable series, has become a contribution to almost national hysteria. The presumption in which city of Poland the said criminal would live was the main information of the day. Not surprisingly, parents are scared and shocked. Each exploited pedophile scandal to the borders makes us feel that the scale of the problem is much larger than it really is. We are scared. The intelligent troll knows how to turn our fear in its favor.
A real pedophile will not set up a public page on FB. It's too risky. The problems with tracking pedophile nets come from the extreme caution of their members. Links that actually contain such content only work for a moment - hence tracking problems. Would a person who has so much to lose: freedom and reputation, his own and similar, would risk irritating his parents?

How to fight a troll?

There is already information in the network that the profiles have been terminated. This is the aftermath of the hysteria that broke out among parents. Of course, it's hard to say that we "won". Many of us were carried away. We publicized and shot serious action, proving that the troll hit the nail on the head. In other words, he won. The prosecutor's office is to examine whether there was any pedophile content on the pages. Admin for the word "sexy" rather do not do anything. Jesters who like confusion, who leave to the delight of equally stupid friends comments such as: I would take, I wish with all my heart to bear the consequences. For stupidity, because a real pedophile would not comment on a child's picture in this way.

Were it not for the parents' reaction, the profile would disappear in a less "spectacular" way. Nobody in their right mind will "like" sexy kids. Unfortunately, we did a troll advertisement that will probably reach serious media soon. The victory is short-lived, this type of profile will be created. We have shown that we react aggressively and panic. And this is the medium of internet trolls. So how to curb such actions without encouraging followers? Well, Facebook profiles are closed for various reasons. Unlawfully posting someone else's photos, harassing etc. It works. Let's report profiles, let's not sit with our hands folded, but let's not comment, do not share or drive. Let's not make them advertisements. The sexiest pages smelled of disgusting provocation from the beginning, not pedophilia.