Holy Parenthood

Holy Parenthood

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Parenting is an amazing school of spiritual formation. Daily childcare, caring for their needs and shaping their characters leaves a lasting mark on every parent. Holy parenting is not another guide on how to raise, encourage and discipline our children. Rather, it is a book that changes the point of view by one hundred and eighty degrees and shows how God uses children to shape the character and spirituality of parents.

If you have already read many guides describing specific educational methods, reach for 'Holy parenthood' and you will see your role in a completely new light. You will appreciate the potential of holiness in your relationship with your child and learn how to grow spiritually by fulfilling your calling to be a parent.

Note about the author:

Gary Thomas is the founder and director of The Center for Evangelical Spirituality, and the author of many books on practical

aspects of Christian spirituality - among others: Holy marriage (Aetos Media, Wrocław 2014), More valuable than pearls (Vocatio, Warsaw 2007), Sacred Pathways, Holy Available and Authentic Faith.


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