Parents should sleep with children up to the 4th birthday?

Parents should sleep with children up to the 4th birthday?

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You have to be a perfect parent around the clock. There are no half measures. You wanted a child, don't leave him alone. The toddler is growing so fast. I need warmth, closeness and hugging. Not only when he sucks his chest, but also later, when he starts to walk, he falls, he will knee, then he also stresses (and this is kindergarten, and this grandmother frowned dangerously, the neighbor did not rave and did not smile when the toddler cuddled up into a mamin skirt instead of saying good morning), over time the child goes to school ... and you know what a non-swinging system is. Stress will always be found, and good for any stress: sleeping together with parents.


We wrote on the page that today every claim can be "scientifically confirmed" and "scientifically" refuted. The creativity of researchers knows no bounds. More on this topic.

The same category should include the results of the research of a certain Dr. Nils Bergman from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, which indicates that sleeping with parents is the best option for a child. The doctor emphasizes that a healthy baby should sleep next to the breast during the first weeks of life and should not leave the parents' bed until the third / fourth birthday (!).

Of course, the research is extremely reliable, because it was conducted (note!) On 16 babies. The children slept with their mother for a while, and then next to them in a cot. The baby's heart rate was monitored and it was found that children sleeping alone are three times more exposed to stress than if they were sleeping with their mother. Six out of 16 children slept fairly peacefully in the crib, though worse in the scientist's opinion than with their mother. However, the most interesting is what the scientist writes at the end, i.e. the creative conclusions of the researcher: Dr. Bergman notes that changes in the brain caused by stress hormones can hinder the process of creating relationships in the future, which leads to behavioral problems.

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Night is not the only time when a bond is built

A sober parent will ask: does mum and dad really have to sleep with the baby? Even if this solution doesn't suit them? Is the night so important? You can't build a good relationship with your son or daughter during the day?

If we look at the issue without unnecessary emotions, the answer is simple. Interestingly, most psychologists and a huge group of parents have no objections to its legitimacy: what counts is not only the amount of time spent together, but above all its quality.

Where's the border?

While sleeping with a newborn or younger baby who often sucks at night is simply comfortable for many people, consent to the crawling, running, or already talking little boy sleeping in the same bed: he has many supporters and ... die-hard opponents. Everyone has their own arguments. You could stop there, stating that ... nobody will get in ... anyone in bed. However, it is not so simple, because the discussions are reheated by the results of the research.