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Examination during pregnancy - when are you entitled to dismissal?

Examination during pregnancy - when are you entitled to dismissal?

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Any pregnant woman can leave her job to go to a doctor's examination. This is one of her privileges.

Art. 185  § 2 of the Labor Code says that the employer is obliged to allow pregnant employees to carry out pregnancy-related examinations during work, as long as they cannot be performed after its completion (if the clinic is open during the working hours of the employee). Equally important, despite the absence from work, a pregnant woman is entitled to such remuneration as if she worked and did not leave the workplace.

Unfortunately, women on a contract for specific work or work cannot apply for dismissal.

However, the length of employment, working time and employment dimension are irrelevant.

Note, however, the employer may require documentation of the tests, confirmation that they have been commissioned. In addition, medical examinations must be ordered by employees and not scheduled by the doctor herself. The employer may also ask for a certificate confirming pregnancy (if pregnancy is visible, such a certificate is not necessary).

Until the time of dismissal, not only the time allocated for the examination is counted, but also the time of reaching the place of its examination. The employer should always grant dismissal for the duration of the examination. The regulations do not include any limits in this respect.

If the employer does not want to grant time off or refuses to pay normal remuneration, then the employee may assert her rights before the labor court.

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