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"Health by nature"

"Health by nature"

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It is increasingly being said that what is sold in supermarkets and large stores is non-food, that every day we unknowingly feed children "artificial, chemical pulp". Many environments point out that we are guinea pigs. It is said that after the Second World War, a lot of chemical ingredients were launched on the market, whose actions have not been tested, nobody assessed whether they are healthy and safe, and how they affect the body in the long term. In addition, it is no secret that most farmers ... grow vegetables commercially and have a plot where they grow their own food. Not without a reason. They know what they are doing and will not eat certain products themselves.

The author of the book Burke Lennihan notes that today's food is "sterile", commercial proposals are not good enough, they lead to nutritional deficiencies .... So, does she suggest organic food and supplementation with natural supplements? Can you accept this solution? If so, this book is for you. However, if you are skeptical, then I do not think that the author will convince you. Its recipient is a conscious person, focused on his menu.

As a homeopath, she points out that many diseases have an emotional background, they come from unspecified emotions that have not found their way out and have accumulated negative effects on health. The author emphasizes that everyone is angry, that it's quite natural and you have to give yourself permission, even when you are wrong.

Good nutrition allows your brains to function efficiently. However, this is not all ... homeopathy counts, which is a method of treatment that has ardent supporters and as many opponents. More on this topic.

Thank you to the Illuminatio publishing house for sharing a review copy of the book.