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Why is it worth sleeping on your left side during pregnancy?

Why is it worth sleeping on your left side during pregnancy?

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In 2008, studies were conducted according to which only 8% of pregnant women know that they should sleep on the left side, and only 3% can tell why.

Lying on the left side is recommended for the prevention of varicose veins, blood clots and the inferior vena cava syndrome.

Why is it worth sleeping on your left side during pregnancy?

Although sleeping on the right side is not forbidden in pregnancy, it is recommended to rest on the left side. This is important for several reasons. When lying on the back or on the right side, there is a risk of compression of the inferior vena cava which runs on the right side of the spine. This is often forgotten, and it is worth remembering that our body is not symmetrical.

Why does it matter? For several reasons: standing on the back or right side hinders circulation, the blood reaches the heart, uterus or brain to a lesser extent, focusing on the lower parts of the body, which may even result in fainting of the future mother and fetal hypoxia. If the expectant mother in advanced pregnancy rests on the right side, then if she wants to get up, she may suddenly fall in blood pressure and faint. In addition, the risk of blood clots and varicose veins increases significantly during pregnancy.

Resting on the left side is safer not only for the circulatory system, but also for the kidneys, which can more easily remove excess water and waste products. In addition, it helps counteract the feeling of heaviness in the legs, calf cramps or weakness in the leg muscles. Resting on your left side in pregnancy is also easier to breathe.

What if the left side is uncomfortable?

You can lie on your left side and wake up in your back position or right side. It's hard to blame yourself. We are unable to control our own position during sleep.

Still, let's try ... Let's lie on the left side when we rest during the day and whenever we feel weak and we have the opportunity to choose such a position.

In the vast majority of cases, lying on your right side and back is not dangerous. Often a woman chooses the best position for herself. The left side, however, is particularly important in the case of twin or multiple pregnancy, when the pressure on the vein is even greater than in women expecting one child.

Can you sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

Before the tummy is clearly rounded, sleeping on the stomach during pregnancy is not prohibited. However, with time, when the baby grows, resting in such a position becomes almost impossible and certainly uncomfortable.

And you, how often did you rest during pregnancy?