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What kind of parent are you

What kind of parent are you

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Today, raising children is a real art. We live in a world where results are put forward. Specific effects. Therefore, childcare is also task-oriented. For fear of making a mistake, tried and tested paths are chosen, supported by "scientifically" behavior patterns. And so different parenting models are emerging today.

Mother tigress

This term comes from the book 'Fighting song of the tigress'. The main heroine is Mother Chinese and her two daughters. The message is simple: more is required of children than others require. Hard work, sacrifices and efforts are able to bring the expected results. If the child rebels, then you need to "tighten the screws" even more.

What do parents want? Respect and absolute obedience. Also because the mother devotes all her time to shaping children, that's why those as adults who are successful behind the successes themselves become supporters raw upbringing.

What does the western world think about it? Notes the results of many studies that indicate that children of very demanding parents sum up worse than their peers, more often struggle with depression, anxiety, panic attacks than people raised in families where the young are not required so much.

However, does the style from China have only minuses? No ... Contrastingly different from the methods used in America, where children are mainly praised and rewarded, the pattern of raising children in China seems to outperform it. Facts?

China has become the world's second producer of knowledge, is being created in this country 120,000 scientific texts per year. Americans are indebted to the Chinese for $ 1.2 trillion. China has long overtaken the United States in terms of number of students.

In China, on a regular basis and on a huge scale new services, technologies and products are introduced. All this translates into dynamic development. Amy Chua argues that if Americans and other nationalities do not want to lose in the race of civilization, they must change their behavior towards children.

A variety of tiger mothers are educator mothers, who from the day of delivery plan their child's career path, devoting themselves to teaching toddlers at home, thereby giving up their careers and limiting the impact of traditionally recognized schools on the education of the youngest.


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