"Rubber" bracelets hit this year's holiday

"Rubber" bracelets hit this year's holiday

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Everyone wore rainbow rubber bracelets this summer, regardless of age or gender!

Loom Bands (manufacturer of Stnux) needed to create a bracelet are available, among others, at Empik and Smyk. Depending on which set we choose, in addition to elastic bands, it can contain a crochet hook, looms of various sizes, clips for fastening and pendants for bracelets. In larger sets you will also find the instructions needed to make a bracelet. To make the simplest bracelet we do not need either a crochet or a loom - only our own fingers. However, when you get the practice you can try harder weaves - many instructions can be found on the Internet without any problems.
The product is intended for children over 6 years of age (according to another manufacturer - 4 years old)

A set containing 200 erasers costs around PLN 8.
The fashion for rubber bracelets in 2013 took over America, and this year it reached us.

Recently, however, there have been reports in the media that rubber bracelets are dangerous, are supposed to cause allergies and even be the cause of infertility. Fortunately, this applies to fakes. Cheaper products are expected to contain as much as 50 percent of harmful phthalate (acceptable standard is 0.1).

It is harmful to wear only counterfeit rubber bands. The original can be enjoyed at will.

Attention! The so-called loom bands available on the Polish market for making bracelets do not contain harmful substances. The product has been tested by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. In a special laboratory in Łódź they were tested in September 2014 for the presence of phthalates. After testing, it turned out that the elastics available on the Polish market prepared for weaving bracelets are safe. Irregularities were noticed in fakes detained at the border by customs officers.

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