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What can a one-year-old child do?

What can a one-year-old child do?

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What can you expect from a one-year-old child? Pee on the potty, "polite" fun, "taking care of yourself" for a long time? That the boy "will be brave", will easily adapt to changes, spend time without his mother and easily communicate with his extended family? Probably not. Real expectations regarding the skills of a one-year-old child are quite different.

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Before the age of 13 months, the child should:

  • be able to stand up
  • sit down from a standing position,
  • move from one place to another, holding on to something,
  • clap your hands
  • communicate by expressing your desire other than by crying.

If your toddler has not acquired one or more of the above skills, it is worth consulting a doctor.

The following situations also require medical consultation:

  • the child doesn't laugh
  • the child makes only a few sounds or none,
  • the toddler is constantly irritable, he needs constant attention, he is usually "striking".

Should an one-year-old child walk?

Still, despite emphasizing the individual pace of child's development, there is a strong belief that a child about one year old should walk alone. When an infant does not make progress in this direction, worried parents often reach for a walker, they decide to stimulate the baby, by carrying him by the hands or under feeds. Meanwhile, doctors make it clear that it's not worth doing.