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How to arouse your child's imagination?

How to arouse your child's imagination?

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Imagination is a powerful force that allows us to be creative and reach for the unattainable. Children have a very vivid imagination, but sometimes they need to be put on the right track so that they can use it.

In the adult world, we often walk firmly on the ground. There is no time for fairy tales and dreams. There is rush, duties at work and at home, as well as a large dose of worries and worries about what will happen ... Despite everything we can think of, children see how we behave during the day. They feel our nervousness and fear. Instead of dreaming, creating your fabulous and simply childish world - they begin to look at it with our eyes. They see a pursuit of money and worry about our problems, although sometimes they are not aware of it themselves.

Let's give our children a little bit of fantasy. We do not take everything very seriously and do not bring it down to earth when they believe in good fairies, Santa or dragons. Let's teach them how to use the magic of imagination. Perhaps, we will also be able to reach for it and breathe a completely different story for a moment.

Fairy tales other than all

Imagination has no boundaries, there are no rules, it is neither good nor bad. Imagination depends only on us and gives a lot of scope. Let's sit with your child in a comfortable place - it can be a bed, sofa, rug - and let's play a story telling stories. Let each of you, in turn, come up with one sentence for a common story. The parent can start with the words "Once upon a time a girl lived ...", and the next sentence comes up with a child, and so in turns. The more people take in the fun, the better, the more fun, the more joy and chance that something interesting and unusual will come out of a simple story.

Another time you can draw an imaginary fairy tale. Just sit at a table, take cards and something to draw - they can be crayons, markers or paints. Whatever we want to create a fairy-tale world. In turn, everyone can add something to the imaginary story - a princess house, a small river, colorful petals ... we tell and draw. At the end we can admire our magical fairy tale, which has been poured onto paper - an amazing souvenir and great fun.

Night life of toys

Toys that show no signs of vital signs during the day can do strange things at night. One day, getting up, we meet them in the tub - were they taking a bath? Another time, in the kitchen, we see unfolded dishes and a broken egg on the counter - they wanted to make scrambled eggs? And when on a frosty day we do not want to get up and open our eyes lazily, suddenly we hear muted music. We get up, enter the living room, and there ... toys were dancing at night? Dolls arranged as if to dance with a teddy bear and an alien, the dog stands on his head and the robots do the splits. I think spells are happening here ...

All this does not require us - parents - a lot of work. It only takes a few minutes for the child's world to take on a color and it smiled from ear to ear. Thanks to the "Night life of toys" and telling amazing stories, children can find a little bit of magic in everyday life.

They get the same when we read books to them every evening. They do not receive a ready-made picture, as in the case of cartoons on television - the world of a favorite hero must "draw" themselves in their head.


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