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Mama - holy cow?

Mama - holy cow?

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I am a mother, that's why I demand special treatment.

I decided to have a child in the world, even in a country (!) Quite unfit for it. That's why I'm fighting for my rights.

In narrow shopping avenues (why the bright one ... they didn't make wider) I put the trolley across. When I get to the checkout, I push myself, demanding that they give me way, in the end I will not wait with a small child! That this is not a priority? So what!

I have the right, I'm raising another taxpayer in this country. This obliges. Let they thank me that someone will ever pay taxes here (for all those who have not decided to expand their family, then my children will work. FOR THEIR retirement ... What is the reason?).

I try to go with the nets narrow pavement. What is this moron parked here? Loot a heavy bag with a bottle, and what's up, let the kid knock the toy on the mask. Next time a simpleton will think and park it so that I can pass.

Poop in a diaper? There is no room for the mother? Well, the bar table mat and the changing table wanders. Others look and with their mouths open, stop eating? They understand. In the end I have reservations about the bar service. Let them change. Who said that learning is simple and enjoyable?

There is nowhere to throw away the intensively filled pampers? Trash too far? So I'll leave a "free" on the table. Next time, they will take into account the needs of parents of young children. I will teach them thinking!

Exaggerated situation? Exaggerated? Maybe…

However, supported by many statements of mothers who decided to REPAIR THE WORLD'S IMPROVES. However, is a demanding attitude, dictated by thinking - as I will show you - a simple way to success, or rather to create artificial divisions - for those with children and childless?

Parents - the most demanding social group

On the occasion of various articles on this site there were comments that parents are the most demanding social group that requires special treatment. Many women often pointed out that when we become parents, we suddenly try to bend the world to our requirements. They are supposed to adapt. NOT ME!

Reasoned thinking, not without reason. After all, each of us would like his immediate surroundings - parks, restaurants, shops - to be suitable for families with children. All amenities are welcome. Each of us easily gets used to a comfortable life.

But where is this magical boundary - beyond which does the parent become a non-cultural claim ignorant who violates the rights of others?

In line

Going to the store, you can choose the priority cash register ... Yes, I know, it is often closed. Then what?

As a parent, do we have the right to request that we leave the queue at another ticket office?

If we report to the store's service, noting that the priority desk is closed, we leave the problem on their side. And we have peace of mind. Probably someone will show us the cash and apologize to other customers, explaining why we should be served first. Everything will be done in a professional way.

However, if in a tone of no objection, in the tone of a frustrated mother, you demand that others let you through because you have a child, do not be surprised that the reception will be unfavorable ... for you. How do you know how the older person standing in line in front of you feels? And this young woman - maybe she left the children with her neighbor and is in a hurry to go home? A man with a briefcase - maybe he jumped out for a moment and has a boss who hates being late, and if he does not come on time, will cut him from the bonus?

Each of us has duties. Most are in a hurry. Therefore, in the place of the request - the request will be better. Seemingly obvious, and practice shows that it varies. How is it in life ...

On a plane

Is traveling with a small child a good idea?

As the discussions on the site have shown, you have different opinions on this subject.