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Tiny Love Jumper - crawling toy

Tiny Love Jumper - crawling toy

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The toy is worth buying. Works great as a rattle, a simple chewing gum massager, or simply as a form of entertainment. However, it is not suitable for learning to crawl - and this is the main argument that the manufacturer emphasizes in the description, raising the price of this quite interesting item for kids. This is a lot of abuse, as evidenced by our home tests and numerous reviews available for this toy on the internet.

The manufacturer's description of the truth will not tell you

On the manufacturer's website you can read:
A bouncing friend who will help your child crawling. Light, plastic ball-shaped rattles, bouncing legs and rustling arms are the main advantages of the jumper.
The toy should be wiped with a damp cloth and a mild detergent for children.

The product, recommended by the Supreme Council of Nurses and Midwives, has the PZH certificate and a positive opinion of the Institute "Memorial - Children's Health Center".
Toy intended for children from 5m.

And everything would be beautiful if the jumper really helped in crawling. Unfortunately this is not the case. To actually jump, he must be pressed in the right way. Even when you make such a move, it moves away slightly, which is unlikely to arouse admiration - neither of the child nor the parent. Not to mention that a newborn baby is not able to start it. Placed on her tummy and trying to move like this, she won't play with this toy. Equally well support crawling, as the producer claims in the case of Jumper, it can do anything - a ball away from the child, a colorful scarf to which the child desires to get, or a plastic kitchen spoon.

For the price of PLN 29, we still get something that can encourage us to buy:

  • interesting colorful toy
  • ball-shaped rattle,
  • rustling arms,
  • soft "legs" for biting,

To sum up: the toy is recommendable, but not as a form of crawling stimulation, but as a teether or rattle. Verdict - KIT - for non-compliance of the product with the description. A parent who buys a jumper, suggesting the first sentence in the manufacturer's description, may feel cheated. That was our case.


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