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What effect does leaky gut syndrome have on children's health? So intestinal immunity

What effect does leaky gut syndrome have on children's health? So intestinal immunity

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Team leaky gut (leaky, beautiful bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome) this problem is still little known and in many circles considered a controversial issue associated with unconventional medicine. Despite this, more and more often doctors confirm the existence of the leaking gut syndrome, indicating that this is an epidemic problem! Hence ignorance and often ignorance in this regard is very disturbing. American doctor Dr. James Ferrel MD says that "Leaky gut syndrome can be the cause of many hitherto unknown etiologies of diseases."

The view that we have a huge impact on our immunity that comes from the intestines is very encouraging. On the other hand, it is quite disturbing for companies that in many ways earn money by treating and not curing people. Sticking to the thesis that we strengthen our body ourselves and give it a weapon to fight threats, taking care of the intestines, brings optimistic data in the form of specific stories of people.

Gastrointestinal tightness

The digestive system has an important protective function. It is like a network with very small holes that allow only certain substances that are small enough to pass through. If the intestine is leaking, which is really damaged, it becomes more permeable.

Few people know how breaking internal barriers affects our children's immunity and well-being. Meanwhile, the condition of the intestines is reflected in many chronic health problems, and their damage is a simple path to - allergies, skin changes, autoimmune diseases, depression, sensitive bowel syndrome, and Crohn's disease.

Once again, it turns out that you are what you eat. Your child is what you give him on a plate every day.

Intestines and immunity

It is said that the condition of the intestines has a huge impact on immunity. Some even specify - informing that 3/4 of our resistance is determined by their condition.

It is not without reason that the intestines are called the "second brain". It is in the intestine that 90% of serotonin is produced. In addition, some undigested ingredients in the intestine can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Leaky intestines, i.e., intestines with inflammation

A leaky intestine is formed when inflammation develops within the intestine, its micro-damage and leaks occur, which cause undigested food residues, toxins, fungi and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. The consequence is simple to predict - inflammation occurs, which can manifest itself in one or more of the following ways:
  • intolerances
  • food allergies
  • problems with memory
  • headaches
  • stomach pain
  • skin rashes
  • asthma
  • hay fever
  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • fatigue
  • chronic runny nose
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • celiac disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Hashimoto's disease
  • ulcerative colitis,
  • Alzheimer's syndrome.

The growth of the yeast Candida albicans also has a negative effect on the intestinal condition. Frequent antibiotic therapy is expected to promote this.

Causes of leaky gut syndrome

  • a diet rich in refined sugar can lead to overgrowth of yeast species, which is associated with leakage in the intestine.
  • preservatives and chemicals in processed foods can damage the mucosa,
  • gluten intake in sensitive people - protein found in wheat, rye and barley,
  • chronic stress - weakening the immune system,
  • aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs can damage the walls of the intestine,
  • parasite infection.

How to prevent and treat leaky gut syndrome?

Build a child's immunity daily by choosing unprocessed foods. Feeding the family with good quality food gives the best results and strengthens immunity from an early age. It is worth teaching children since childhood that food is the satisfaction of the body's needs and only pleasure comes second. Not the other way around.

In addition, it is good to pay attention to stress in the child's life, which can cause leaky gut syndrome. In many situations, the initiating problem is gluten, dairy and sugar - more and more often responsible for many side effects in both children and adults.