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La Lalla - a doll like YOU

La Lalla - a doll like YOU

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What would it be like if the doll could be a reflection of a little girl? Look like her - have the same eye color, same hair, and even clothing? Will a few years old like it? Thanks to the collaboration with La Lalla, a company that offers dolls stylized as little girls, I had the opportunity to find out. And what do I and my 4-year-old think about it? Read!

First, the project

On the La Lalla website you can choose - what the doll should look like: whether it should have straight, curly hair, with a bang, pinned, choose a shade of strands, blue or green eyes, and even skin color. There are many options. There are dolls with and without freckles, but the face of each of them looks pretty much the same ...

I read information that "dolls are made in Spain - they have CE certificate. Clothes for dolls and children are made in Poland. " Sounds encouraging ... therefore to work.

I choose a doll with platinum hair. Option without bangs. Straight hair. Blue eyes. And that would be all. It goes very fast. In the meantime, I read that the dolls smell of candy - I am very curious whether, when I open the box, I will feel a different smell than in many departments with Chinese toys (which I hate).

The second point is clothing. I can't decide between a houndstooth dress and a dress. After consulting with La Lalla (great contact) I choose the first option. Apparently the dress is very popular.

You can also choose accessories for dolls - panties (2.90), socks or tights (10.90), shoes (from 15 to 21 zlotys). There are also glasses, bracelets, gaiters, hats. I choose shoes and tights. End.

It went quickly. Impressions? Fun fun!

Secondly, my daughter's delivery and response

I receive the doll in a nicely wrapped pink box with a bow.

I open it and I don't have to smell it ... Because I can smell it after opening the box. I don't know if it's a candy smell, but it's sweet and pleasant.

The doll is dressed exactly as I indicated.

What does your daughter say?

The first impression is silence, and then an immediate request to change here and now, take the doll to kindergarten, take a walk in a new outfit. There is excitement and then fun.

The daughter in the following days reaches for the cufflinks, hair up the doll, talks to her, dances with her - she just plays. The toy patiently tolerates all stylization procedures. Unfortunately, tights in which a small hole does not stand. After sewing, the toy looks like new. Tights are also available on the site - you can buy a second one. They are quite delicate, because they are handmade.

What is very tempting (also for a parent) on the La Lalla website there are clothes change available - for dolls and the same for girls. Thanks to this, the girl and her doll can change and prepare for many occasions - they have something up their sleeves for Christmas and every day. There are even clothes available for mother, so that mother, daughter and doll look the same;)

Is a doll like you a good idea?

You may ask if a girl needs a doll that looks like her? Is it not enough to sew clothes yourself, have fun dressing in mum's clothes?

Probably so.

On the other hand, it is nice to receive a toy that is so different in terms of performance and concept from what other manufacturers on the market offer. Therefore, as soon as my little niece grows up, I will definitely consider buying La Lalli for her. I recommend you too!