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MOSBITO anti-mosquito patches for children

MOSBITO anti-mosquito patches for children

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Meeting my friends-mums, I noticed that their children on their backs were "marked" with a small yellow circle. As a layman in the world of gadgets and news, I asked "what is this?" In response, I heard that mosquito patches (supposedly a small child should not be sprayed or lubricated like mosquito repellent ...). At the next meeting I got a "marker" for my daughter myself. The intense fragrance bodes for success. Unfortunately…


I'll start with the pros. 12 pieces, packed in 2 slices per leaf, cost about PLN 15, so not much. A nice lavender scent rises for a long time. A discreet, small slice can be attached either to the child's clothing near exposed body parts (e.g. arms, legs, neck) or to objects in close surroundings (e.g. table, chair, pram, tent). The adhesive allows you to glue the patch several times on clothing (I haven't tested gluing on furniture). It is a practical and innovative alternative to sprays and creams. The MOSBITO company offers classic creams and sprays to its customers, but its innovative offer also includes headbands and even mosquito repellent socks! All products at an affordable price.


The disadvantage is one, basic and disparaging all of these advantages - Did not work. My daughter had a patch on the back of the neck, on the clothes, and yet 2 mosquitoes bite her, just on the back of her neck. So neither the intense smell nor the natural active ingredients saved my daughter from the itchy pimple and it was barely 2-3 cm from the patch! The intense smell can also be considered a minus. I have to admit that it is pleasant for an adult. However, for a child, especially if the patch is placed close to the head - it may be too intense.

To sum up: I prefer to put a mosquito net on a cot or stroller, and during a trip out of town dress a child in airy, but covered clothes and protect them with my own eyes and hands than to buy an innovative gadget from MOSBITO and still be forced to run after the child and repel each insect by hand. Personally, in my daughter's room, I use an electric version, proven for years, from a reputable company to repel mosquitoes. And despite the fact that the instructions do not have information about what age the product can be used, my daughter was fine, she did not get poisoned. He sleeps neither better nor worse, at least he is not stung. So - the goal achieved without innovative, gadget proposals.