Let's protect children from bites!

Let's protect children from bites!

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We waited, planned, we cut the zloty to the zloty, now packing and now - holidays! Waited, desired, dreamed ... ours! We go, unpack, enjoy the holiday, have fun. The fun, however, spoils us everywhere occurring, impossible to control "bzz" ... The consequences of this "bzz" are itchy bites. How to avoid it Will these nasty insects always spoil our dream vacation?


It is said that "prevention is better than cure". How to do it

  • do not approach nests or anthills.
  • when the insect sits on the child, he should not be chased away violently (he will treat it as an attack), but remain still and wait until it flies away or shake it gently.
  • when the child sleeps in the fresh air, secure a stroller or cot with a mosquito net; similarly, you can protect the windows of the apartment so that insects do not get into the child's room.
  • when drinking beverages outdoors, pay attention to whether an insect has entered it.
  • avoid climbing - especially barefoot - on flower meadows.
  • avoid using fragranced cosmetics that may attract insects.
  • one of the "grandmothers" theories says not to dress in yellow, which apparently attracts "vermin." It is also recommended to apply light colors, it is best to dress in white.
  • When going to the forest, remember to cover your head and cover as much of your body as possible. Ticks can be found in every bush!
  • it has been proven that wasps effectively repel the smell of cloves. Let's put some on a saucer and water it with a small amount of water. When they soak up they will start working. We can also prick an apple with cloves, so that the soaking will last much longer, so cloves will last longer.
  • mosquitoes and flies are said to dislike the vanilla scent. So you can sprinkle vanilla scent on a napkin and put the window on the table or window sill. There are also special mosquito patches for children. However, I know from experience that they ARE NOT effective.


If we have not managed to avoid a bite, a sting or a bite, it is worth to relieve the pain in time. There are a lot of pharmaceutical preparations and specifics on the market that theoretically prevent or relieve pain. The encyclopedia of "grandma's" advice offers so much. Let's try to combine all these methods.

What attacked?Home wayspharmaceuticals
antsTake a few ice cubes or a packet of frozen vegetables, wrap in a towel and put on the bite. You can also soak a towel or diaper in cold water and apply it to your aching body after squeezing. Apply a cold compress every 2-3 minutes. Hold for about half an hour.
  • propolis ointment
  • marigold ointment
  • ointment based on plantain
  • antihistamine or glucocorticosteroid gel for bites
MosquitosLemon will reduce bubble itching. The scent that will leave on the skin will scare off further insects. Lemon cut in half. Squeeze the juice from one half. Use a cotton bud to spread a few drops of juice around the bubbles that arose from mosquito bites. Repeat every 5 minutes. Redness, swelling and itchy skin after mosquito bites will also soften the application of slices of raw potato.
  • Fenistil
  • Oilatum, a healing liquid
  • Zinc paste
  • Pudroderm
  • Kailas cream
  • Sanofil Aerosol
  • Variderm
  • Antymeszek
  • 100P
  • Dapis
  • Dr. Muller
  • Gal
  • Propolis ointment
  • Hamamelis
  • Orinoco Junior
  • sio
  • … and many others…
WaspOnion juice effectively neutralizes the venom, so the compress will quickly relieve pain and reduce swelling. Cut a thick onion slice and put directly on the mornings. Her juice reduces swelling, relieves pain and itching, is antibacterial. Disinfect the puncture site and remove the sting. Pull them out with tweezers without compressing the venom tank. Make a cold compress with baking soda or water with vinegar (1 tablespoon of vinegar per glass) - reduces swelling and relieves itching.
  • Altacet
  • Fenistil
  • Sparkling lime
  • Aspirin slurry, (soak it in a little water), provided you are not allergic to salicylates.
  • Antiseptic cream
  • antihistamines
BeeOnion wrap will also help with a bee bite. However, before you apply it, remove the sting. Gently scrape them with a knife or fingernail. Baking soda solution will reduce swelling that will occur at the bite site and relieve pain. Dissolve a flat teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of boiled, cooled water. Then wet a cotton swab or piece of cotton wool in the solution, squeeze it lightly and put it on the bite site. Leave to dry. Do not wrap the compress with an oilcloth or elastic bandage, because such a dressing can irritate the skin.Ibid
midgesThe potassium permanganate compress will disinfect, reduce itching and swelling at the bite site. 2-3 dissolve potassium permanganate crystals in half a glass of boiled and cooled water. Dampen a cotton ball or gauze in the solution and put it on the swollen place. After a bite, the baby may get a fever. In this situation, give the child a cool compress on his forehead and give him an antipyretic. The naps leave an open wound after biting. The simplest and fastest action is to wash the wound with cold water, make an alcohol wrap (salicylic alcohol, calendula tincture).
  • Mugg
  • Fenistil
  • Boron water wrap
  • Gentian
  • hydrocortisone
  • LifeSystem Bite Relief Click laser device
TickRemove the tick with tweezers. Grab as close to the skin as possible and pull it firmly. Do not lubricate it with butter or petroleum jelly before, because the tick suffocating can infect the child with e.g. Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis.
  • Altacet (wet the gauze swab in the solution, gently squeeze and apply to the wound after removing the tick previously. Leave the compress to dry)
  • Dermophenazol
  • Entil
  • Fenistil
  • Orinoco Junior
  • If we remove the tick completely - all mosquito preparations.

Many ways overlap, so here's a "cheat sheet", which you can do to ease your or your child's pain, regardless of the type of bite, sting or bite:

  • apply a cold compress, e.g. ice cubes
  • put the onion cut in half
  • rub the bite with freshly cut lemon juice, then place a thick slice of lemon
  • rub the bite with parsley
  • moisten the bite with lemon juice every 5 minutes
  • moisten every 5 minutes with a strong salt solution - 1 teaspoon of salt for one glass of water
  • apply squeezed juice from fresh plantain leaves or sage
  • put a piece of fresh, crushed white cabbage leaf, chilled will work better
  • apply a curd wrap - curd at room temperature should be wrapped in a cotton cloth and put such a compress in place of the sting
  • dissolve a few activated charcoal tablets in warm water, mix and apply to a sensitive place, then cover with gauze.
  • take lime - desensitizes and reduces swelling - actually cools it. Lie down, limit your movement so as not to warm up the body, because then toxins are more easily absorbed. If you are bitten around the mouth, tongue, throat, immediately suck an ice cube or swallow a chilled drink, make a cold neck wrap and contact your doctor as soon as possible if you are allergic.
  • numerous bites - Numerous bites will soften the bath in decoction of wheat bran. Put two kilos of bran into a linen bag. Boil in four liters of water for half an hour. Pour into a bathtub with warm water. Immerse yourself for 10-15 minutes.

IMPORTANT! If the swelling does not go away, the itching or pain becomes stronger, there is "migratory erythema", choking, fainting, high temperature, vomiting, diarrhea and other disturbing symptoms - consult a doctor immediately!

For sure, Dear Parents, you know a few more proven ways to fight summer intruders. Share your experiences by commenting on the above Article. Let's create a common front in the fight against holiday "spoils of play"!