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Portrait of a (not) perfect parent - are you also imperfect?

Portrait of a (not) perfect parent - are you also imperfect?

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It is well known that the ideal parent does not exist. They raise legitimate doubts I have declarationswho never shouted at their child, did not compare them with others, did not judge, they always have time for the toddler, etc.

The truth is that having theoretical knowledge about education does not guarantee us success in practice. What about the fact that we are aware of something, since for countless reasons we often do it completely differently ...

What commandments of good and wise upbringing are therefore broken by a non-ideal parent on a daily basis, some even deliberately?

First of all: Don't shout

Talk to the child calmly. Do not shout and explain patiently, explain and motivate to good behavior. Our anger goes to the toddler, often leading to even greater opposition on his part and an escalation of bad emotions.

Not the way! - experts urge. And it's hard to disagree. Let's imagine such a situation ...

The parent decides to peel the potatoes for dinner. Taking advantage of the moment of peace when the child plays with toys, he quickly unfolds the necessary accessories: a dustbin, a pot of water, a sack full of potatoes and starts peeling. After a few seconds ... He pulls the child away from the trash bin, collects discarded waste, calmly explains to the toddler why he should not do this, walks him back to the room and quickly returns to his occupation. After a few seconds ... He goes with the child to the bathroom to wash his hands soiled with soil from potatoes, explains, walks him to the room and returns to the kitchen. After a few seconds ... Wipes the water poured from the pot from the floor, explains, escapes to the room and returns. After a few seconds, and two peeled potatoes ... a small urchin falls into the kitchen again and before he can do anything, he hears the scream of his perfect mother: Go away !!! At the moment, a sweet face appears on the sweet face, expressing a full misunderstanding of the stagnant situation, and the small chin begins to shake. He'll cry soon.

What does a perfect mother do? He apologizes, hugs and comforts. He also wonders: why this scream? She knows that she is not shouting at children and yet again she has run out of patience.


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