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Bottle mothers = decent and lazy women? So what is the difference between a propagator and a follower

Bottle mothers = decent and lazy women? So what is the difference between a propagator and a follower

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The benefits of natural feeding could be long. We know that this is the best food for a toddler, we know his wonderful properties, we understand the benefits of this most natural feeding act. I don't know a young woman who, stroking her pregnancy belly, says: I will feed you with a bottle. We all want the best for our child. Conviction of this only right way means that some of us bear the first maternal defeat. The more painful because the current "return to nature" in almost all areas of life finds more and more "followers". What is the difference between a propagator and a follower? After meeting the first one, we gain knowledge and useful tips. The second is only to show his superiority and contempt for those who think differently, or badly.

How to become bottled?

The most common reason for giving up breastfeeding is lack of knowledge. Beliefs about draconian nursing diet, too fat, too skim milk etc. still persist. Fortunately, such views are becoming rarer. The vast majority of bottled people are recruited from among women who have theoretical knowledge, lost in the face of trouble. There was no support or access to a professional advisor. Some women switch to formula feeding under the influence of ... doctors. Many of them are still trying to treat, for example, allergies.

Pain after stopping

A mother who, convinced of the power of breastfeeding, switches to breastfeeding and suffers a defeat. Feelings of conscience, complexes, regret, guilt - these feelings accompany mothers who failed. Newspapers for parents, portals about children - everything reminds of defeat. The advantages of feeding, which she recently proudly exchanged in the same breath, are starting to get pregnant. Of course, this is a temporary state. The woman will soon find the joy of bottle feeding, observe the harmonious, healthy development of her toddler and stop being bothered by thoughts that deprived her child of the chance for a healthy start. Well, unless it hits the clutches of fanatical followers ...

Lazy Cows

The reason for feeding FEED is mothers' laziness. Cow's milk is for calves. Women choosing a bottle are deprived of maternal instincts, they are not able to sacrifice themselves for the good of their children. Only breastfeeding builds a mother-child relationship. Mothers fed babies are healthier and smarter than their formula-fed peers. And they have a better bite. They walk faster, they speak better. Good mothers are breastfeeding. Enough? This is a selection of general theses made by light-blooded regulars for internet forums and social networking sites. Just naming feed-modified milk is an extremely mean act. Comparing other children to calves is a blow below the waist. And to think that the "best" mothers are capable of such cruelty to others!

For a healthy mind

Your milk is the best food you can give your baby, but it's not a magic potion. Studies show that breast milk increases immunity (hence the particular emphasis on feeding premature babies and sick babies in this way), great effect on brain development, and promotes building intimacy. Favors, helps but does not condition. Breastfeeding does not guarantee intelligence, health and fantastic relationships with the baby, just as mixture feeding does not exclude them.
What kind of people our children will grow on depends mainly on how we bring them up. Feeding is important but not critical. The key is how we adults perceive the world and treat others. By showing a lack of understanding and tolerance towards others, we pass these values ​​on to children. Let's think about it before we take part in an unnecessary skirmish next time.