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Beauty Camp - raise my daughter for ... who?

Beauty Camp - raise my daughter for ... who?

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The next holiday season has gone down in history. The kids came back from the camps and camps. Most of them will have a lot of new skills. At scout camps, they learned to peel potatoes, work in a group, and distinguish directions of the world. Holidays with grandparents gave some kids the opportunity to learn about working on a farm. Still others, thanks to the extensive program of summer camp tours, visited historic places or learned to swim. Blurred photographs, postcards and souvenirs will remind you of this. Of course you can do it differently. Some of the girls will come back home with a professional portfolio, and some will even bring Miss Crown! What else can you bring from beauty camps? The conviction that beauty and nice clothing is a measure of a woman's value.


Beauty camps are designed for girls in 7-12 years old. The wide range of camps allows conclusions to be drawn not only about the direction in which this training is heading, but also about parents who send their daughters to such camps. So to the point!

What will your daughter teach you? for only 1399 PLN? Applying makeup, walking in high-heeled shoes, aerobics, matching the outfit to the figure, walking on the catwalk, giving interviews, styling and decorating nails ... little? There will be more attractions! Professional photo sessions, participation in advertising invented products, sunbathing (the organizer used the phrase "girls like bronze" hence the conclusion that it is more about sunbathing than carefree fun), creating the first business card (here again from one of the organizers "after they can meet a famous photographer at any time. ") Of course there are also educational trips! One of the organizers suggests visiting the PGE Arena stadium (including attention, attention to VIP lounges), visiting the stadium restaurant and the Lechia Gdańsk museum. This is probably in case the girls' aspirations ever go towards becoming a wife of a footballer. The organizer also mentions a walk around the old city, which will show the history of the city.


I reviewed several recordings from Polish beauty camps. Eight-year-olds in full make-up say they love modeling and shopping. Twelve-year-old fluttering their eyelashes encourage them to vote for them in the Miss Beauty Camp competition. Many of them have problems with submitting sentences, some obviously require a visit to a speech therapy clinic, but for some reasons parents are more interested in being able to paint their eyelashes nicely. The girls flirt winkingly, make cute faces and deliver infantile texts that would be considered inappropriate in the normal world. In the world of small beauties they are most in place. What thoughts accompany watching such a spectacle? Mostly disgust and disbelief. Why do mothers agree that their daughters should participate in a project that presents their daughters as painted, silly lolitas?

Relax, it's just fun ...

No. The fun was the colonial election of Miss and Mister, in which the one who made the best costume out of sheets, towels and kitchen accessories won. It was fun stuffing my mother's "pins" with cotton wool. Each of the organizers provides education under the guidance of professionals. Makeup artists, make-up artists, choreographers and cooperation with model agencies - these are the "advantages" of beauty camps. The first make-up, hair styles, classes in which we learn to dress imperfections with clothes - this is no longer fun. In one of the videos, as part of the presentation classes, girls under the guidance of a trainer learn sexy movements of the hips.

Sell ​​yourself

The theme of beauty camps returns to the media like a boomerang. Every year, painted girls and their ambitious mothers sit on the breakfast television sofas. One in particular was remembered by me. She argued that the beauty camp would help her daughter get a job and a high social status. Why? Because recruitment processes are won by those who can skillfully sell themselves. As a girl's mother, I would like my daughter to be able to "sell" her competences and skills in the future. Never myself.