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Ceba Baby - Onions and a bath towel

Ceba Baby - Onions and a bath towel

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Ceba Baby is a Polish brand that has been on the market since 1990. Its offer includes changing tables, stiffened hooks, bed sheets, bath sets and the key product - Cebuszka.

Ceba Baby products are made extremely carefully, with attention to the smallest detail. In addition, each product is packaged extremely aesthetically, presenting itself from the very beginning. functionality is also a feature of Ceba Baba. Everything together creates a nice picture of a practical and beautiful product. Although for me the biggest advantage of the Ceba Baby brand is and will be its Polish origin.

For you, I tested, tired and squeezed out sweats from two products - Onions and bathrobes.

Onions reviews and application

Onion bulb is an elongated C-shaped pillow that manufacturers recommend especially pregnant women. It is designed to relieve the sore spine and enable comfortable sleep in recent months. At a later time, it also works well when feeding a child, whether as a support for a child not yet trained in independent sitting, and an interesting world from a different perspective than lying. Occurs in 5 colors. The velor pillowcase can be easily removed and washed.

This cushion is really a great thing. Actually increases sleeping comfort, thanks to which I finally do not freeze still "pushing" under the quilt. In addition, under the application is located pouch, in which I instinctively put my hand under my head. A huge plus of this pillow is the fact that at night I put some on my knees and I can comfortably feed my daughter, even for an hour. It even happened to me during feeding fall asleep, and the daughter fell asleep tasty laid on a bulb ... During the day the best use is creating a mini pen, in which the curious child can watch the world sitting almost sitting. Cebuszka was also a victim of my older daughter who tested the pillow for it resistance to jumping, pulling, rolling, stuffing and other violent play. Effect? The cushion has not changed shape or ceased to be functional. I was worried about the strength of the filling, but it did not get damaged either. Unfortunately, the only damage I noticed on the cover. It was washable ...

So another test - washing. The cover can be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees. Because I am lazy and I wash the velor like everything else, I set the spin at 1,200 revs considering the velor material will become pilling. Nothing like this happened. The material did not fade, dye, diminish, or pale.

To sum up - Cebuszka passed the exam for 5! Now she will serve her husband, who is also sleeping by pushing the quilt under him, which makes the pillow unisex.

The downside can only be the price. PLN 145 is a considerable expense. However, looking for the application I think it's worth it.

Ceba Baby bathing cover

A bathrobe is nothing but a hooded towel. The Ceba Baby brand proposes unusually large covers, as much as 100 x 100 cm. For me it is a huge plus, because such a towel will also cover an older child.

An additional feature of these towels is the use of thick terry, which may seem like a rough solution. In fact, however, the material is very pleasant for delicate, baby skin.

Hood, from the inside it is covered with thin cotton, which is supposed to improve absorbency and make the child's forehead contact with the towel more pleasant. Unfortunately, this cotton is the only minus of this cover. It poorly absorbs moisture, which means you need to wipe the baby's head with the sides of the hood or remove the towel altogether and wipe with another part.

After washing, the terry becomes slightly roughHowever, ironing makes the towel feel nice again.

The price of the towel is quite highbut not excessive. PLN 43 is the average price shelf for hooded bathrobes. Considering the thickness of the towel and its size, buying a Ceba Baby cover is money well spent.


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