Maternity clothing MyTummy Maternity dress Marylin emerald

Maternity clothing MyTummy Maternity dress Marylin emerald

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Especially for you, we tested several of the proposals of the Polish manufacturer of maternity clothing MyTummy.

What are our impressions? How does the MyTummy offer compare to other offers?

Now we'll begin.

The dress that we would like to present to you in this entry, we liked the most.

Ania, who is 32 weeks pregnant (dress size M), presents her to you in the pictures below.

The dress has a very facial color and an interesting cut that allows many ways to tie it. Thanks to this, the same dress can look different every time. Suitable for everyday and special occasions, such as weddings. Depending on the accessories, it can be worn in various ways.

It fits nicely on the figure, beautifully highlights the tummy, and is very comfortable.

The dress is also suitable for feeding. It can be used after pregnancy because it provides good access to the breast. The bindings can be changed freely during the day, without worrying about creasing the material (we checked!). Washes well.

The dress is available in several colors to choose from: red, purple, fuchsia, black, cobalt and emerald.

Price: PLN 99

Our overall rating:

You can view it and buy it here.