PinGo - a toy for summer and winter

PinGo - a toy for summer and winter

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PinGo is another suggestion from the well-known editorial office by producer: Lullalove. This time we got a tiny penguin with two compresses that can be used in the "cold" and "warm" versions. The penguin can both cool a broken knee, as well as warm up frozen hands on a cold day.

Each cartridge can be heated or frozen.

To heat the insert, simply put it in warm water or in the microwave for a few moments. In turn, to cool it, we put it in the freezer for about two hours.

There are two cartridges, so you can use them interchangeably or have one permanently in the fridge.

When can a small penguin work out?

  • as a warming hot water bottle during colic,
  • during infection
  • after a fall,
  • to soothe the pain
  • to reduce swelling after falling.


  • Polish idea, Polish production,
  • careful execution,
  • good quality materials,
  • ideal as a compress for a broken knee, tumor,
  • interesting design.


  • pinGo has no cartridge similar to Superzawka, in which the effect of increasing the temperature after breaking the metal plate was obtained. Here, for the product to work, you must have access to a pot, water or microwave, or a fridge. This somewhat limits the use of pinGo. Of course, the product can only serve as a mascot, but it is true that it is probably purchased for a little different purpose,
  • pinGo has no eyes - which she immediately noticed and repeated several times our three-year-old;) I understand that this was the idea, but writing about it, I inform you how the product can be picked up by an interesting preschooler,
  • maybe you could think about hiding the lock if the product is to be used by young children,
  • the material gets dirty fairly quickly. Our little penguin after a few days required washing. Fortunately, it is washed easily and quickly. For comparison, MrB is in constant "use" and has not been washed yet (used since October last year).


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