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Since when can a child stay alone at home?

Since when can a child stay alone at home?

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The official position is known. A child who is under 7 years of age should not play alone outside and cannot be left unattended on a public road. Otherwise, police interference and unpleasantness associated with leaving the child unattended (including criminal liability) must be taken into account. In addition, the parent is legally responsible for the child up to the age of 18.

The Code of Offenses (Art. 82 p. 2) provides that leaving a child up to 7 years of age on public road and in circumstances that pose a threat to him, enable him, for example, to start a fire, as well as in other dangerous to his health (art. 106) is subject to a fine or a reprimand.

For a while, for longer

There are moms who leave the apartment for a moment to throw garbage when a newborn or baby is sleeping in the room (unfortunately there is always a risk that the child will chill, which may even lead to his death). There are those that leave three-year-olds watching cartoons, and go to the basement, mailbox, or for some shopping. There are also parents who play in the bar outside the hotel in the summer, leaving their several-year-old children sleeping in a room on the fifth or seventh floor ... Should such behavior be considered irresponsible? Is it rather understandable and "normal"? And all others are a sign of overprotection?

Paranoia or belaying?

The fact that there were once different times is known not from today. It is clear that in the past toddlers had more freedom and parents had a greater sense of security. However, today, as experts say, can not be left alone in the home of a child under the age of 10 (some point to the age limit of 13)? What if the parents work shifts, babysitters are expensive, grandmothers are reluctant to help, the after-school centers are overcrowded and only accept the youngest children?

It is also clear that a lot depends on upbringing. Many a five-year-old is more mature and more aware of the situation than a seven-year-old, so should one treat literally the age criterion and make decisions based on it? When can you leave your child alone at home?

How to prepare for leaving the child alone at home?

If a child needs to be home alone, it is worth preparing well for it. First of all, talk to the child a lot and explain to him what he can and must not do. If it is possible, it is worth closing the door with a lock that the child cannot reach (in case of a short exit from the house). The basis is to sensitize the child not to open the door and inform them that they are alone at home.

In addition, it is good to teach a child how to use the phone so that in a difficult situation he can call us. The toddler must know where the parents are, when they will return and who they can turn to for help (e.g. a neighbor). An unattended child should know what to do: for example, do homework, draw or watch a fairy tale.

It is also good to prepare the house in an appropriate way - storing dangerous objects in hard-to-reach places, for example matches or medicines.

Every parent knows their child best and knows how much they can let them. It is definitely worth being guided by the child's emotions - you must not leave children who do not want it, cry and say that they absolutely do not want to remain alone.

How old do you think your child may be alone at home?