Kelly Maternity Dress yellow

Kelly Maternity Dress yellow

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This is the second review of MyTummy maternity clothing. You can read the first here.

Kelly maternity dress yellow in comparison to the previously tested dress of the same size (M) falls quite large. It is quite loose, which is why the size seems underdeveloped. In addition, it is longer than the previously tested proposal, which just testing the future mother did not like (matter of preference).

Thanks to the creases on the belly, it fits well on the body of the future mom. It highlights the tummy interestingly. It can be worn throughout the pregnancy, and will also be useful after termination while breastfeeding.

The dress is available in yellow and gray heather.

On the manufacturer's website you can read that the dress is well ironed. It is true. We have checked and confirmed.

Ania presents the dress above 32 weeks pregnant.

Price: 125 PLN

You can look at the dress and buy it here.