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"Stolen" is a novel based on a true story that has shocked the whole world, moving and catching heart. He tells the story of two sisters, one of whom is raised not in his family. Shortly after delivery, she is stolen from her mother - whose entire medical staff tells her that the child is dead (she was born dead) - and transferred to another woman after paying a huge amount of money.

Proceder, who describes in the international best-seller Sanchez, has touched at least 60,000 Spaniards. The scale and cruelty of this phenomenon are shocking and difficult to understand.

The novel is built in a fairly predictable way. The author alternately talks about events once from Laura's point, once from Veronica, sisters who were cruelly deprived of the opportunity to be brought up in one house by the same mother. The author, through the fate of two families, tries to present the problem as accurately as possible, noting the very serious trafficking of children. Is she succeeding?

Yes and no.

The book is read rather well. Rather ...

It draws (mainly because the reader has in mind that this is a novel based on facts), although at times the author reveals her misunderstanding.

The novel is over-talked, entangled in unnecessary threads, which the author does not develop, but presents briefly, which unfortunately irritates, besides, some repeated phrases such as "peach seed in the throat" are so often cited that in practice they appear on the pages of the novel every time Veronica experiences stronger emotions ... Oh, it can irritate ...

In addition, the topic that Sanchez reveals is asking for a suspenseful novel. Unfortunately, the author only manages to keep the reader's attention to some extent. He explains too much at the very beginning and does not grab his heart as much as one would expect in the context of the subject he is undertaking. Reading the novel, we are only silent observers, waiting for developments. It is a pity, because expectations for this item can be much higher.

I'm sure that "Stolen" has a chance to find many fans. Especially among those who like non-fiction and modern history.

Perhaps the reason for my not very enthusiastic assessment is that the topic, which one of the most popular Spanish writers tried to bear, turned out to weigh too much ... and the size of the tragedy is difficult to simply convey with any words.

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