Benbat travel headrest for children 1-4 years old

Benbat travel headrest for children 1-4 years old

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Long journeys with children? Driving a car, flight by plane or maybe traveling in a bicycle trailer?

In each of these situations, we missed something and decided to invest in a colorful headrest for my daughter to make it more comfortable and safe. We chose a proposal from Benbat. The headrest fits for a 1-year and 4-year-old child - we checked on our 14-month-old daughter and 3 and a half-year old. If we want a larger model, it is also available for 2-4 years old children.

It is soft, carefully made and very comfortable. In addition, it has beautiful colors, thanks to which you can happily hug it.

The headrest also has small magnets that allow it to be connected and support the chin comfortably.


Price: 54 zlotys

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