"English with a child. For children aged 4-10. "DeDomo

"English with a child. For children aged 4-10. "DeDomo

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DeDomo is an innovative method of learning English at home. It is to show a parent who knows the basics of language, how to teach a child's new vocabulary and language structures, using everyday activities - dressing, preparing and eating meals together, visits to the cinema, at friends, walking, etc.

The idea for this type of learning, by the way, is great! Very simple, even brilliant! And it can bring very good results.

But how do you evaluate the implementation of this great idea?

Unfortunately on average.

The guide on how to teach English at home is a bit talkative. Could be more orderly. The discs, on the other hand, present phrasebooks and scenes at a fairly fast pace, so exercising with them is a bit pointless. Of course, the publisher creating this set, made available materials that we should use on occasion, during everyday activities. This is not a classic course and maybe that's why conversation boards are not very useful when learning with a child ...

For all these reasons, the overall rating:


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