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BabySmart - competition results

BabySmart - competition results

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BabySmart is a product whose review you can read in the parenting hits section.

On the website we announced a competition in which you could win a seat for your child.

You have sent us a lot of applications.

Unfortunately, we could only get one answer.

Believe me, it wasn't easy ...

"The best things about BabySmart's advantages are 3-year-old Wikusia, or rather her body. Here's what the body said ...

Pupa: It sits very comfortably, you do not need thick pants or a soft pillow - keep it for the sleeping baby!

Eyes: What a variety of colors, everyone will find convenient shades!

Handles: We can easily raise the seat, these are the exercises we do!

Brain: I have a new toy, uses it a thousand ladies!

Tummy: I finally eat comfortably, because the Wiki reaches the table not with my head turned up! "

Agnieszka Machcińska & Wikusia