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Holidays with a child in Croatia - is it worth it?

Holidays with a child in Croatia - is it worth it?

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In recent years there has been a fashion for spending holidays in Croatia. Apparently cheaper, guaranteed weather, from the south of Poland is not much further than the Baltic Sea. Apparently ... And how is it really? What do we need to take care of?

Before leaving - documents

We decided to go to Croatia. Where to start? Primarily Identity Cards. Let's start by checking their validity. At the time of entry, the validity period of the ID card should not be less than 90 days. Remember that children should also have their own IDs. If they don't have them yet, we can apply for them
in the commune authority competent for the place of residence. You should go to him with your child.

In case of children up to 13 years old it is necessary the presence of both parents. On-site, we fill out an application for an ID card, to which we attach two photographs of the child and his short copy of the birth certificate. The waiting time for receiving the document is 30 days.

Another important document is EHIC card. It is a document thanks to which we will be entitled to use health services necessary for medical reasons in unexpected situations. This means that in the event of an accident or sudden illness, we will get medical help. As with your ID card, each family member should have their own card. To obtain this document, you should go to the National Health Fund branch and submit a personally signed application for its issuance. The card is usually issued on the day of submitting the application. For tourists traveling, the card is issued on the basis of information contained in the Central List of Insured Persons, without the need to submit additional documents.

However, there are two important things to keep in mind:

  • to get medical help is not enough to provide your card number - we have to have it with us,
  • in Croatia the so-called. co-payment for received medical services, i.e. a medical visit is not completely free, unless we have additional private insurance.

It's good take out a tourist policy and NW insurance in an insurance company. The scope of insurance and the amounts returned in the event of treatment or medical transport to the country are determined individually by individual societies. It is worth going to an intermediary in the sale of such insurance - so that we can compare the offers of several companies.

Packing - what to take for a vacation to Croatia?

When we have all the necessary documents ready, packing time. Personally, I assume that if we have enough space in the trunk, just in case it is worth taking more things than the necessary minimum. In the case of Croatia, you must take it with you water shoes, cream with high filter, headgear to protect against
the sun.

It's good to have too swim shirts to protect against UV rays sewn from such
same as swimwear, elastic and quick-drying knitwear (in the photo my children in such shirts).

They proved to be a useful gadget amateur diving sets (fins, mask, tube). The water in the Adriatic is very transparent. However, the sun protection tent did not work completely.

First aid kit for holidays

Time to pack your first aid kit. Because we travel with children, we must protect ourselves against the most common health problems of children. In my medicine cabinet were:
1. an analgesic and antipyretic drug adjusted to the child's age,
2. medicine helpful in treating diarrhea,
3. hydrating and supplementing electrolytes preparation,
4. eye / ear drops in case of infection of these organs,
5. a preparation that helps fight the effects of allergies,
6. runny nose / cough syrup and nasal drops,
7. insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes (as it turned out, there were plenty of them),
8. ointment to help combat the unpleasant effects of insect bites,
9. ointment for bruises and injuries,
10. a set of patches and bandages, sterile swabs, an antiseptic and scissors,
11. medicine against motion sickness.