Solaria not for children and teenagers

Solaria not for children and teenagers

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There are cases where mothers sunbathed infants before baptisms on solariums to make them look better in the pictures. One of the babies lost his sight as a result of this procedure. Before the holiday season, parents go with children to the solarium to get "blushes". Some spend their days in bad weather so that children and parents, despite the adverse weather conditions, "look good". Is there anything wrong with that?

On the website of the Office of the Ombudsman for Children we can read:

"August 1 this year The Ombudsman for Children Marek Michalak again turned to Minister of Health Bartosz Arłukowicz regarding the use of solarium services by teenagers and the need to create legal regulations protecting children's health and lives.

The Ombudsman requested a re-examination of the problem. He recalled that the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO indicate the need to avoid artificial UV radiation and the need to prohibit the use of solariums by school-age youth and consistently implement it for the rational use of the sun. "

What do you think about this initiative?