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A child in the world of advertising, i.e. who chooses yogurt while shopping

A child in the world of advertising, i.e. who chooses yogurt while shopping

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The world of advertising is constantly evolving. From simple messages consisting only in listing the advantages of a given product, through ingenious provocations, to disgusting manipulation. Unfortunately, we are rarely immune to it. We buy unnecessary toys, appliances and cosmetics. Yes, we adults are prone to advertising tricks, let alone children?

"I don't believe in advertising, they don't affect what I buy"

People like to cheat themselves. We believe that watching the advertising block has no effect on us, and then, wandering around the store alleys, we put sanitary pads on A, powder on V and paste on B in the basket. Unfortunately, ads work, even if we don't believe them. One of their functions is to make the brand / product recognizable. When we watch an advertisement for mascara, we do not believe for a moment that after applying the specimen, our eyelashes will look like the spot's lady. It doesn't matter, in the drugstore we usually buy what we know from television. It seems to us that advertised (and thus known and more expensive) is better. When reaching for tea, coffee, or another product, we usually take the one we know, even from television.

The child thinks differently

The advertising block before Christmas is a concert of wishes. It is known that the child will desire everything he sees on the glass screen. And how all this is given!
The dolls are dancing, moving and talking like live, interactive puppies from real ones, only the fact that you do not need to feed them and move them out. When I watch this type of show, I am fooled myself, let alone a child?
It's easy for a child to say that a Barbie with a pink strand is the pinnacle of dreams (the previous one was green, it is from the old collection, and therefore passe). What do children say about this? Well, children see dolls moving and according to them this will be the case when they finally get a toy spotted on TV.
How many times have you seen disappointment, because the doll cannot dance by itself, instead of talking to the child, it plays only a few texts, the interactive dog is a robo-clapper who knows a few tricks, not suitable for cuddling or "friendship"?
It happens, very often, that the "doll with accessories" turns out to be a doll with a shoddy plastic comb to the set. And yet in the advertisement the toy was magical, fantastic, amazing, it was supposed to guarantee long hours of fun. Unfortunately, children believe what television shows.

Not just toys

It is naïve to think that only toy ads manipulate our children. I was surprised by the advertising of sanitary napkins at the cinema morning for the youngest. I was surprised to see that washing powders, food products, cosmetics and even ... insurance are advertised on toddler channels. It turns out that this is a cynical action on the part of producers.
Research conducted for years shows that children have more and more influence on what we put into the basket. Decisions of the trivial type: which breakfast coffee we buy, after: where we go on vacation, make children. According to research carried out by the Polish Service Quality Program, up to 96% of purchases are made under the influence of children.

Does this not concern you? Think: who was choosing yogurt during the last purchase?

Don't let it happen

Don't let your child make important choices under the influence of advertising. Nutella for breakfast, almost fruit yogurt, cereals consisting mainly of sugar - these are important choices! Health and eating habits depend on it. They should not be dictated by an unconscious and susceptible child.

Remember that it will get worse over time

Teenagers are also susceptible to advertising, if today what your child is eating decides, in a few years he will decide on the phone brand (parents taking loans for iPhones are not a myth!), And even cars. So translate and don't give in.
The sixteenth doll (this time with glitter!) Will not bring your child happiness, and fulfilling every whim will make it claimable. Refusing your child is part of being a good parent. Raise an informed consumer. And start from today, because it will be much harder over time.