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What about the emperor and what about the child?

What about the emperor and what about the child?

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Raising children is subject to trends. Of course, many mothers swear that he doesn't do anything under the influence of fashion, but it is self-deception. We read, search and choose - from what is currently hot. Unfortunately, many of us are crazy. While rejecting the "gains of civilization" in the form of teats, pampers and prams will not harm the baby in any way (only it will give mom more classes), some of the postulates of modern parenthood are simply dangerous. How about a "child is a small adult"?

There are no children, there are people

Korczak's thought should guide every parent. A child is a human. Like a truism, and yet there are still those who fight for the respect of the offspring. Beating, intimidation, threatening - these are still "educational" methods. According to Korczak's sentence, a child has the right to personal integrity, respect and showing emotions. These are wise words. Unfortunately, it happens that they are skewed and overinterpreted. How else can you call the idea to make an adult child in XXS size?

Because childhood is stupid

When I hear a speech like "Nineus did an alka! Come to grandpa on opka, grandpa will do tuli-tuli and give sweet pup for comfort "I get chills. I admit, I'm offended by this way of speaking to children, but I don't think it's dangerous. What can it cause? In the worst case scenario, the child will speak in this strange way. Acceleration of adulthood is becoming more and more serious in consequences. Wishing well (as always), parents begin to impose obligations on the baby's shoulders that exceed his abilities. They set requirements that a child cannot cope with. They seem to think that childhood is a transitional state that is best eliminated so as not to waste time. A child's life is only a stage on the road to success, with success being a lucrative profession and prosperity. The timetable of some preschoolers I know of is nothing but ...

… business plan.

This is how you can define the educational method of some of us. We are taught that education is a path to success, we start early. Of course, there is nothing wrong with teaching your child how to read or English, unless ... we overdo it.
There are children who run only to make it from one extra activity to another. Parents do not accept at all the fact that carefree fun is LEARNING. Playground? Waste of time. A child is an investment. So what if he hates the harp lessons and looks with envy at carefree rascals outside the window? Someday he will be grateful. I didn't have such opportunities!


Parents are ambitious today. They like to show off children. It has always been this way, but years ago it was enough for the toddler to sing a song on his aunt's name day, to make his parent's heart grow proud. More is needed today. How about photos on Facebook from the capture of Orla Percia by a five-year-old? Or maybe a dangerous kayaking trip by a four-year-old toddler? Or the summit of the summits - Mont Blanc conquered by nine- and eleven-year-old children? What connects these stories?
They gave the authors of fame their time. And they all ended badly. Orlej Perci was taken from the summits by a rescue helicopter, the rafting kid was the only survivor from the expedition, and the kids from the highest peak in Europe were captured by an avalanche. Fortunately, they survived. What hits
The father of would-be winners admits: my biggest dream was for children to be the youngest winners. MY. How did the kids view this idea? Irrelevant. They are small adults. They reflect parental ambitions and are to fulfill the plans.

You can do anything with your child

Of course, you can, but for what? Do you really think that taking a two-month-old toddler on an exotic vacation will give him fun or will come out for good? Or maybe a car trip around Europe with a two-year-old? It is well known that children of this age love to sit in car seats for several hours. Or maybe just mountain trails? The heaviest and longest, so that you can brag about "so small and managed"! Of course, without mentioning the fact that the last six hours of the fourteen-hour trip he cried that he wanted to go home. Parents' ambitions and imagination have no limits. Wanting to show that they have "over-the-top" children, and are ultra-modern and progressive themselves, they put children in danger.


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