Instead of shells on the beach, Lego blocks?

Instead of shells on the beach, Lego blocks?

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A container filled with millions of Lego blocks fell into the sea in 1997. It was then that a huge wave hit the container ship carrying cargo. This situation, according to Captain's report, is to happen once every 100 years. To this day, you can find Lego blocks on the golden sand of a beach in Cornwall, which is interesting on most maritime themes.

In 1997, 62 containers carried on board fell into the water. One of them was filled with about 4.8 million Lego pieces. 17 years after the accident on the beach you can find individual blocks, some locals have collected a large collection so far.

Another interesting case?

At one time, there were more than 28,000 rubber ducks that fell into the ocean in 1992, and then the waves would throw them in various places: from Japan, through Alaska, and ending in Hawaii.

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