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8 reasons why you should NOT know your child's gender

8 reasons why you should NOT know your child's gender

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Friendly doctors with long gynecological practice agree that most couples want to know the sex of their unborn child. However, there are also those who do not want to know if a boy or a girl will be born.


They usually mention these reasons.

It will be a surprise

We live in a world where information is included. We can get them at every step. An old source of everyday knowledge - newspapers have been largely supplanted by the Internet, telephones, smartphones, and television. Information services are outdoing themselves who will provide important news first. In this way, you work 24 hours a day, constantly, sweating your forehead. Hence, we can rarely expect a surprise.

Today, we also receive most of what we want "on a tray", hence the opportunity to wait for what is important to us makes selected information "more important", allowing it to be prepared as for a long-awaited holiday.

Ultrasound examination was created for more important purposes

The ultrasound machine gives the doctor many possibilities. Even if the pregnancy develops properly, the gynecologist decides to undergo an examination at least several times to take a closer look at the baby.

The 20th week of pregnancy, when most parents get to know the sex of the child, is also an important time to perform detailed tests. Future parents do not want to spend it following and obtrusively peeping the baby, who often turns around, arranges in such a way that it is very difficult to see the appearance of the perineum.

Greater motivation

Some women explain their decision not to recognize the child's sex by motivating them to give birth faster and more efficiently. According to them, if we do not know whether a boy or a girl will be born, we have more determination to "push" more, breathe more efficiently, concentrate, all to get to know the answer to the puzzle faster ... whether it will be a girl or a boy ... and give a hug to an already born baby.