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"Why is milk white? Stories for curious children ”competition results

"Why is milk white? Stories for curious children ”competition results

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Kids have lots of questions: why milk is white, why potatoes grow in the ground, why can you eat nettle. In this way they gain invaluable knowledge about the world and at the same time put to the test ... the patience of their parents. Let's be honest, how many answers to endless questions can you answer? Is a tired parent able? Sometimes, simply humanly, we are discouraged by endless questions and requests for clarification ... What then?

Then, wise books come to our aid that explain small-great truths, revealing the world so far inaccessible to children. And so Tomek offered the strange behavior of a neighbor for the first time knead the noodles and eat a self-cooked dinner, Kuba and Jasie learn the secrets of baking bread, Dominika learns how long the list of honey advantages is, trying golden liquid for sore throat, Jola collects strawberries straight from the field and prepares a dish in which sweet red fruits play the first role.

Each story is enriched with interesting illustrations by Yayo Kawamura. In turn, we owe the idea of ​​content to Susanne Orosz, author of children's books and television screenplays.

Thank you to the Prószyński publishing house for sharing a review copy of the book.

Attention, contest!

We invite you to the competition in which 2 copies of the book "Why is white milk" will be in good hands. :)

Write in the comment which strangest question asked you child.

We will reward the two most interesting answers.

The competition lasts until June 10.


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