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Where to shop to be the most satisfied? Which of the available promotions are definitely noteworthy?

We check it for you every week. Below we present the current list of promotions offered by large stores.


  • BoboVita porridge for children in Kaufland at the price of 5.85 zlotys per packaging (instead of 6.66 zlotys),
  • Hipp Bio baby milk in Real at PLN 42.99,
  • Bebiko milk 800 g in Tesco for PLN 33.49,
  • Nan Pro 2 x400 g baby milk for 35.99 PLN instead of 41.99 PLN,
  • BoboVita desserts for children in Real for PLN 2.69
  • any BoboVita products at Tesco (190 g) 6 packs for PLN 19.96,
  • Hipp fruit mousse 90 grams at Tesco for PLN 3.99 instead of PLN 4.99,
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge 230 grams 2 packs for PLN 13 (Tesco)


  • Pampers Sleep & Play baby diapers in Kaufland for PLN 23.85,
  • Pampers Economy Box Plus baby diapers at Tesco for PLN 79.99 instead of PLN 93.99
  • Tesco Loves Baby diapers at Tesco for PLN 27.99 instead of PLN 29.99,
  • Pampers Sleep & Play diapers at Net for PLN 21.99 on July 15,
  • Huggies wet wipes in Kaufland 3 packages for PLN 10.79 instead of PLN 14.59,
  • Lovel washing powder (1.8kg), Lovel rinse aid or Lovel stain remover at Tesco for PLN 18.99 instead of PLN 24.99,
  • Johnson's Baby body wash gel at Tesco at PLN 9.99 for 400 ml,
  • Gold shampoo with Johnson's Baby pump at Tesco at PLN 11.99 instead of PLN 13.99,
  • mild Johnson's Baby body and hair wash at Tesco 14.99 PLN instead of 17.99 PLN,
  • Nuk breast pads in Tesco 2 packs for PLN 1 - 16.99 for two packs.

Accessories and toys

  • Tommee Tippee mug 200 ml two packs for PLN 19.48 Tesco
  • Chicco Thermal Tesco Mug for 35.19 instead of 43 zlotys.
  • bathtub stand in PoloMarket for PLN 49.99,

Promotion time

Kaufland 10-16.07.2014

Real 10-16.07.2014

Polo Market 9/07-15/07/2014

Tesco 10-16.07.2014

Net 14-20.07.2014