How to spend a holiday safely with a baby?

How to spend a holiday safely with a baby?

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Holidays are a time when we can really relax. We don't have to hurry, we have a lot of moments to ourselves, we can limit our duties to the necessary minimum. Really?

Every parent of a small child knows that vacation time is also a big logistical challenge, a period which you have to prepare for so that emergency situations do not thwart our plans and to eliminate the risk of illness as much as possible.

A good parent is a wary parent. Especially on vacation.

Contact with nature

Holidays are that most of the time we try to be outside. Babies can easily fall asleep in a pram, older ones have a lot of opportunities for active contact with nature.

On the other hand, they can dominate outside adverse conditions - sun that burns the skin heavily, high humidity (especially for small allergy sufferers), strong winds and even rain.

There is also a problem careful protection of babies against insects - mosquitoes and ticks (it's worth thinking of a mosquito net, good oils, mosquito spray, etc.).

Already walking or crawling babies pose a different challenge for parents - provide a safe place to consume excess energy. Often resting just by the pool or at a camping force you to spend half the day running after the child in half, which of course ends with backache and ordinary fatigue ...

How to protect yourself from diseases during the holidays?

Unfortunately, while on vacation, threats await us. Theoretically, where we often don't expect them

  • air conditioning - salvation is known. However, a threat to children. When we set the temperature in the car to a low level, we can almost be sure that a cold will appear, and sometimes even a thermal shock can occur. Therefore, you should be careful and use this benefit carefully. It is worth taking to those places where we have no influence on the temperature (hotel canteen, shops) - a blanket or sweater.
  • water - the best will be bottled. For the youngest children, if we choose fruit in the canteen, let's make sure that we wash them ourselves. This is especially important in countries where tourists often complain of diarrhea.
  • sea ​​water and sand - often already walking babies are directly on the beach and sometimes wipe their eyes with hands stained with sand and sea water. The consequence of which may be inflammation and the discharge of a large amount of thick yellow secretions - pus. It is worth taking a saline or chamomile recommended by grandmothers on holiday, to wipe the baby's eyes in case of irritation.
  • What do you have there? - Unfortunately, the seaside sand is not always clean and it happens that what you find in it can frighten even a parent. Remember that younger babies put everything in their mouths right away. It can be dangerous not only to eat what you find, but also to cut the leg or handle with pieces of glass. For this reason, it is worth checking where we fold the blanket.
  • The crowd a child can easily get lost, so do not lose sight of him. It's best to put a wristband with a phone number on his hand that will protect the baby, providing additional security.

First aid kit

When going on vacation with an infant, it is worth taking a few basic medicines with you: something for lowering the temperature, a preparation helpful in the case of diarrhea (probiotics), a mosquito repellent preparation (adapted for infants). Of course, the basis is a cream with a filter, preferably 50, which the child will be lubricated throughout the trip. Slices (preferably waterproof) will also be useful.


If you are going on holiday abroad with your child, it is worth ensuring adequate insurance, which will not significantly increase the spending limit and will ensure a sense of security. In addition, it is worth obtaining a card confirming the fact of insuring the child (e.g. European Health Insurance Card). On vacation you will need a child's health book, valid certificates, test results, if your child is chronically ill ...

Happy Holidays!