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How to prepare a porridge at home? Recipes for homemade porridges

How to prepare a porridge at home? Recipes for homemade porridges

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Often bombarded by various media messages, we can believe that a child can only be brought up well using modern benefits: ready meals, jars, and porridges. We hear that they are of the highest quality, clean, unpolluted and make life easier for young parents. And probably there is a lot of truth ... On the other hand, however, many young mothers have no idea that there is an alternative that most children's products can be made at home. Cheaper, tasty, and often healthier.

Porridges adapted to the child's age

The largest producers of baby food ensure that we are well informed about their product range. They put information on the packaging of their products about who the porridges are recommended for and how to enter them.
The basic types are milk and milk-rice porridges - recommended for healthy children and rice porridgeswhich are deprived of milk and gluten and which are recommended for children with allergies.

In addition to the general types, a wide range of flavors is on sale. Porridges are available in loose form, adapted for quick preparation, ready-to-eat liquid and meals enclosed in jars.

Homemade porridges - benefits

Preparation of a porridge for a child at home is undoubtedly more time consuming, but at the same time it can be a great pleasure for a parent who just likes to cook. A big advantage is also the possibility of full control over the composition of porridges (we do not have to worry about distortions, often proven in the amount of added sugar). Perspective is also tempting considerable savings. For example, one packet of corn porridge costs about PLN 2 (depending on the manufacturer), and ready porridge, to which you should add water or milk, on average 6-7 PLN.

Recipes for homemade porridges

In the kitchen, we can reach for rice, corn, semolina, millet porridge. The older the child, the wider the selection.

  • From six months of age: Millet with apple (ingredients for two portions of 190 grams): 4 tablespoons of millet, 1 apple (about 200 g), 240 ml of water. Peel the apple and grate it on a coarse mesh. Cook porridge in accordance with the recipe on the packaging. While cooking, stir constantly so that the porridge does not stick to the bottom. We add previously grated apple for the last 7 minutes of cooking. After 10 months, we can add cinnamon to the porridge.
  • From the eighth month: corn porridge with apricots. We will need cornmeal, modified milk, four ripe apricots. We prepare the porridge according to the recipe on the packaging (densely). The apricots are brewed and peeled and peeled. Knead the pulp thoroughly with a fork or mix, add a small amount of modified milk. Decorate the porridge with this sauce.
  • From the eighth month: rice porridge with banana. Cook rice porridge according to the instructions on the packaging, finally add modified milk. We brew a banana, peel it, remove the ends. Throw the fruit into the porridge and mix the whole.
  • From the ninth month: porridge with plums. To prepare we will need three tablespoons of semolina, seven scoops of modified milk, egg yolk, prune puree, half a teaspoon of brown sugar, a little butter. We prepare 210 ml of water, measure 2/3 and boil water in them. The remaining part is used to mix modified milk. After the porridge has cooled down, mix it with milk. We combine with yolk, sugar and plum puree, put into a heat-resistant dish thinly greased with butter and bake for several minutes at 190 degrees until the top is golden brown.

Porridges on mother's milk

In this topic it is worth remembering that porridges for children can be prepared on breast milk. Also using ready-made proposals from well-known producers. However, it is worth remembering that mother's milk dilutes the consistency of porridge more than modified milk, so you have to be aware of adding more porridge to obtain a good density.
Which milk porridge should we choose? Rice and corn porridges can be served interchangeably. If constipation occurs, you have to reckon with the need to give up rice porridge.

Quick homemade porridges for children

  • Semolina with fruit - this dish, depending on how we decide to give gluten, we can turn on safely after 9 months of life or earlier: already about 7 months of age. It's the easiest way for a quick and home-cooked meal for an infant. It takes two minutes to cook an instant semolina. After cooling down, just add a few scoops of modified milk to it. After mixing, you can add a squeezed banana, grated apple or crushed sponge cake.
  • Porridges and rice flakes we cook on water in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. Then just add the natural yogurt mixed previously with the selected fruit or fruit and ready porridge.

Porridge for older children

Groats are not worth parting after the first candle is blown out by a child. On the contrary. It is worth acquainting them with several years old. It is good to remember that the thicker the porridge is, the less prepared and processed it is, the healthier it is.

Legume with fruit

It is a tasty and quick to make dish that tastes delicious. Cook thick semolina (about 200 ml), add the egg yolk and a little vanilla sugar and mix everything thoroughly. Then add chopped fruit: fresh or frozen: e.g. plums, cherries, peaches. After mixing, translate into an ovenproof dish and bake for a quarter at 180 degrees.

Sweet millet

Millet can be eaten in many ways, with meat instead of potatoes, with the addition of vegetables and good fat: butter, linseed oil, olive oil. It can also be served sweet with the addition of various fruits.
How to prepare a sweet dessert? Pour groats into a pot and roast. When it gets warm and we smell it, we pour a few centimeters above the groats. We add a pinch of salt and cook covered on low heat for about 20 minutes.
Peel apples and pears and add to the pot, stew together with porridge. Finally, add the previously peeled and roasted almonds in the pan. The dessert tastes best warm.

Chops with barley groats

To prepare the chops we will need: half a kilo of minced meat, one bag of barley, one egg, two tablespoons of breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, 10 slices of cheese and ketchup.
Boil porridge in one glass of water. We put minced meat in the bowl. We put hot porridge into the meat. We add egg, breadcrumbs and spices, mix the whole thing, making a homogeneous mass. We form the cutlets and place on a greased baking tray. We put in the oven (temp. 200 degrees) for about 15 minutes. After 10 minutes in the oven, turn the chops to the other side. When 15 minutes have passed since the cutlets were put into the oven, we put the slices of cheese, pour with ketchup and bake for another 10 minutes.

And you know good recipes that allow you to use porridge in the kitchen? Simple dishes for babies and older children? Share them in the comments!