Reminds you have a child. A simple invention

Reminds you have a child. A simple invention

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Strange times have come when parents, for various reasons, leave their children locked up in the car - because they are going somewhere for a while, because the little ones are sleeping and do not want to wake them up, because it is more comfortable. Sometimes, as the loud reports of recent weeks show, the parent leaves the child in the car, goes to work and forgets about him ...

Tragedies happen not only in Poland. Also in the US, despite numerous campaigns, children die every year because of leaving them in a hot car.

Andrew Pelham decided to help parents of millions of children around the world and in the fifth grade he created "EZ Baby Saver" - a simple way to protect children from the effects of remaining alone in a hot car.

"Ez Baby Saver" is a bright, neon strip tied to the side of the seat, which acts as a reminder, forcing you to think for a moment if there is anyone else in the car. Thanks to the fact that it is detached from the back of the seat, before leaving the car you have to turn around and look at the back seat ...

Cheap and simple solution. Parents of children who died trapped in a hot car thanked the little American for this invention.

Is it really needed? Is it impossible today?


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