"Homemade jars", which are fast homemade dishes for babies

"Homemade jars", which are fast homemade dishes for babies

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Manufacturers of baby food are trying to convince us that only dishes enclosed in jars are good for the child. Meanwhile, there is an alternative: cooking yourself.

This does not mean that this option is perfect. Even parents living in the countryside often believe that so-called organic products are not devoid of 'chemistry'. It is difficult to free yourself from it in the world in which we live.

On the other hand, most parents seem to avoid making their own first meals for their children, not because they are afraid of the "purity" of the carrot market, but more often mention the following arguments:

  • no time,
  • lack of knowledge,
  • it is not profitable to cook half a carrot or a quarter potato, if the toddler eats at most a teaspoon in the first weeks,
  • You can't take home food with you on a walk
  • you have to cook every day and on a regular basis.

Let me refute all the above arguments.

I would like to show you how quick and easy prepare homemade meals for the child.

Freezing - first meals for the child

Containers that can be used to freeze baby's first meals

Freezing is an old and proven way to preserve food. Freezing fruit or vegetables we delay the process of food spoilage. Equally important is that healthy way because it doesn't deprive products of nutritional value.

Carrot ready for freezing

However, many young parents do not know how to freeze small amounts of food needed in the first weeks of extending the diet. They are convinced that it is easier to buy a small jar and throw away an uneaten meal. Meanwhile, there is a simpler way.