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Shopping with a few years old can be tiresome. Parents of already walking children, especially small enough to understand how to behave in a shopping center, know this. Hence, the option of shopping online is gaining a growing number of supporters.

Still, as minus shopping online is mentioned it is not possible to try on selected clothing. However, rightly so? An entrepreneurial mother came up with an idea - creating virtual changing room for children's clothes. Is this a place we could recommend to you?

First, let's give the voice to the originator: Dominika Rybarczyk, owner of the website. Is the comparison of business and child correct?

Dominika Rybarczyk: I often say about the Testimonial website that it is my "third child". Firstly, because I created him with the strong participation of my husband - together we made all decisions regarding his appearance and functionality, and also worked on photo sessions or graphic processing of product photography.

Secondly, I put a lot of heart into my work on the site, making sure that every detail was polished and thought out.

Thirdly, just like a real child - running your own business is very demanding. But a lot of effort, time, and even sleepless nights gives you satisfaction that is associated with positive reactions and satisfaction of users - "aunts and uncles" interacting with our "virtual kid".

And fourthly - I've always dreamed of working on my own, at home, being able to reconcile being a mom with a professional job. And now I divide my time between two "biological" children and this is the third "child" (smile - dop.

Where did the idea for come from?

D.R: I was put in a "goalkeeping" situation when my employer made me an "offer not to refuse" and suddenly one of my sources of income was cut off. This motivated me to think intensely "what to do?"
I knew that I wanted to reconcile motherhood with work, that I would feel best in the industry related to children and that it must be remote work on the computer.

It was October and I was just buying jackets for my tots. The vision of visiting stores looking for the right things was not pleasant. At that time, the idea of ​​a virtual changing room for children's clothes came to my mind, in which a parent could browse the offer of many brands and try on individual wardrobe items, freely combining them. For this with the possibility of inserting a photo of your own child to see what it will be in his face.
After searching the Internet, I found it could be an interesting and developmental direction. The more so because online clothing sales are constantly increasing. And virtual fitting can become an attractive tool to facilitate such purchases.

Did it work out? What is in practice?

D.R:A fitting room is a service - a virtual fitting room. It does not sell directly, but only redirects users to e-shops of clothing companies. It is a place that can be described as a type of online shopping mall - it brings together different brands and allows you to view their current offers, compare prices.
The alliance's addressees are parents who want to have more time for their children and spend it with them in a pleasant way, and not on shopping mall tours. Thanks to the virtual fitting room, they can quickly find a wardrobe for their children in the comfort of their home. Undecided in choosing can be stylizations created and shared by other users.

What brands are available on the site?

D.R: Currently we have: Besta Plus, C&A, Coccodrillo, H&M, KappAhl, Reserved Kids and Smyk. Of course, we are working on making sure that there are more of them and that it is possible to present as many of their products as possible.

So is it possible to extend the offer of the website, for example with the proposals of smaller, less known producers?

D.R: Of course, we will want to invite smaller, niche companies offering children's clothing to cooperate, but at the beginning we chose large networks that we manage to cooperate with quite well, which are able to rent large quantities of clothes for photo sessions and which are popular in Poland and parental recognition.
We hope that smaller, native producers will show us trust and decide to cooperate - all the more so because they are mostly original projects, which were created similarly to our website - hard work and self-denial of several people.

On the website you can not only "try on" clothes. We also receive information about the manufacturer of the selected clothing and its price. Is this data up to date? What about the availability of products, which, as practice shows, can dynamically change during the sale period, and individual sizes can be quickly sold out?

D.R: The prices displayed on our website are usually the "starting" prices of the products. Therefore, next to each of them there is information that the price is current as at the date of entering the clothes in the product catalog and that the current and binding for the user is always the one indicated by the manufacturer on his website.
Unfortunately, prices change quite dynamically, and they often differ between stationary and online stores. Perhaps in the future we will introduce a solution that will allow constant price updates.
As for the availability of products, the case is similar.
In this regard, we emphasize that our offer is illustrative and the most current product information will be obtained by the user after going to the manufacturer's website. Generally, if the prices change, they are only for lower prices, so we hope that users will experience only positive surprises in this matter (smile - dop.

Can you buy selected clothes online directly after trying on?

D.R: Yes, clothes that are available for sale online can be easily purchased by clicking on the link next to each product. It takes the user directly to the website in the brand's e-store, where the transaction can be finalized.
Users do not incur any additional fees for making purchases, as the use of our website is completely free.

On the other page, our review of the website and the service of virtual trying on clothes.