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"All my mums"

"All my mums"

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A child needs parents to be happy: mum and dad. It is obvious. Sometimes, however, one mom and one dad are not enough. Not even to be happy, but to ... survive.

Szymek lives in a walled ghetto. He observes everyday life from his naive perspective. Still, he understands too much. Is aware that hidden under the bed will not help her sister. You can't hide the braid that has come out from under the covers. Older sister will not save even that her lean body is invisible on the made bed. The loud croaking of Germans pulling her by the hair is enough, the boy understood that he would not see his sister again. Despite this, she puts on a hated armband each day with a star on her shoulder, prepares compresses for her mother and one day with a trembling heart hides in the box and allows herself to be moved away from the one who gave him birth and did everything to survive. He is saved from the factory by his second mother - Irena Sendler, a brave woman distinguished during World War II, who in a similar way saves more than 2,500 children.

"All my mums" is a short story written in a beautiful way. He grabs his throat, moves him, makes him think and stop. It tells in a simple way a black story, which, however, should be known and which should be passed on - so that nobody would ever forget .... That the children also know about our heroism, great love, courage, happiness and difficult pages of history: our future.

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