Baby with dad - a perfect duo?

Baby with dad - a perfect duo?

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The view of a woman with a newborn baby is a typical image that does not cause sensation. On the other hand, babies in male arms, despite major changes in society, are still a sight that astonishes and evokes feelings that make young dad praise, notice and appreciate. Especially when daddy decides to go out for a walk with a child of several weeks. Not to mention the situation when older children accompany him on a walk.

New role: first steps

Fathers can begin to learn their new role during pregnancy, when their support - both emotional and substantive - means a lot to the future mother. Awareness of what can happen, what symptoms of pregnancy are natural, which changes are physiological, calms and prepares for a huge revolution in life.

A milestone: delivery

A man during delivery fulfills another important function. It bridges the gap between those who deal with the medical aspects of labor, controlling the progress of labor and those who control the vital functions of the fetus and child. Well prepared is a great support for a young mother, optimizing the conditions in which the child is born.

A man who watches a birthing partner also experiences emotions resulting from active participation in childbirth. As the results of the study indicate: due to the presence of a loved one (who is usually a partner), the need for giving delivery drugs decreases, the risk of caesarean section decreases, as well as the length of labor delivery.

In men who accompany their partners during pregnancy and childbirth prolactin levels rise, which helps to develop a caring attitude.

First moments with the child

Men who have had the opportunity to participate in labor often they feel euphoria at the sight of a newborn child. They have the opportunity to feel the reality of a new being. This joint experience usually deepens feelings between parents, crowning the long wait for a child to be born.

It is the man who, if he takes care of it (sometimes doctors and nurses ask about their willingness to participate in examinations themselves), he can be at the child's check-ups and first examinations.

Up to 2 weeks of age, the child begins to teach the voice of his dad and knows how to distinguish him from other male voices. According to Brazelton, a well-known pediatrician, by 4 weeks, the infant begins to display predictable behavior different to mothers and different to fathers. Often, the little ones at the sight of their dad are ready to have fun, they show a willingness to "talk", thus reacting even when the father's voice comes from afar.

Learning to be independent

It is dads who often play a huge role in the process of weaning the child from night-time eating, weaning or learning independence in other aspects of life. Sometimes, by allowing the intensity of the relationship between mother and child to enable the child to mature properly.

Some studies show that they are fathers they give children some roles. They are more dynamic towards their sons and prefer active forms of spending time from their early childhood. On the other hand, daughters often wear, hug, seeming to protect themselves against "the evil of this world." This is also because female babies are usually smaller and more delicate. In addition, it has been proven that girls in the first months of life are more focused on watching faces and facial expressions, which also promotes a kind of "static" spending time with them.

Baby with dad